30 Day Bootcamp

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Why do some people struggle for years, while others get results and the life they signed up for… in months?

Now used by 100,000’s people, the Smarter Networker
30-Day Bootcamp may be the key to your breakthrough.

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Meet Dani Johnson

In a world of overnight-masters and self-acclaimed gurus, Dani’s 21-year record of success stands apart like a beacon in the darkness. Fundamentally different in her approach, Dani only trains from her personal experience which is marked by record-shattering industry sales and richly successful and connected teams.

Dani Johnson grew up on welfare in a violently abusive and drug-infested home. She was pregnant at 17 and homeless at 21. Instead of accepting what life had so far scripted for her, Dani rewrote her own playbook, chapter by chapter — and by 23 she was a millionaire.

After just a couple years and over 10,000 submitted testimonials, the success stories from Dani’s home business training became too numerous to track.

No trainer has raised up more millionaires and 6-figure income earners than Dani Johnson. Her reputation is exceptional, as is her commitment to helping others succeed.

Dani’s unique experience and approach have been transformed into a powerful 30-Day Bootcamp, designed to reduce failure and provide the roadmap to long-term results and ultimate success in your home business.

7 ways you gain from the 30-Day Bootcamp

As a distributor…

Banish doubt for good

Eliminate the idea that your success is a "maybe". Shut down the lie that amazing results are only for certain personality types, specific races, or for people with affluent backgrounds.

Home business results are directly proportional to the skills you possess. No more wondering if this will work for you – unlock the vault and grab the skills you need to build the life you’ve dreamed of.

Accelerate your results

Improvement by addition is great, but multiplied results are incredible. In the 30-Day Bootcamp, you will be multiplying your efforts through strategic insight and laser-sharp focus.

In less than one month, you will understand the keys to prospecting, the triggers for closing and the secrets of duplication. It’s not magic, but it is magical.

Expand life on your terms

Undoubtedly, it’s the promise of freedom that drew you into your business. Whether that is financial freedom, time freedom, or freedom in relationship and family, you’ve been ready for the next step. And you know what? You made the right choice.

In the Smarter Networker 30-Day Bootcamp, you’ll unlock the real potential of that dream and see it actually start to take form, giving you full control of your own life and destiny.

Develop with dignity

You know very well the stigma that surrounds the network marketing industry. From this moment forward, none of that is true for you. Going forward, you are the example, the role model, the instrument of honor and respect that recognizes your own value and the value of others.

Be part of the growing community of professional networkers committed to ethical and respectful business practices.

As a team leader…

Dynamic duplication

You won’t just be reproducing your own amazing results within your team, you’ll see those results passed down — with increasing strength — for each new generation of business owners that join over the coming years and decades.

As a leader, you have 2 options for growth — addition or duplication. Only one is limitless; take your business through the roof.

Strategic effort

“Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific.” As your team aligns with the same focus, training, strategy and tactics, you become dynamically unified and your efforts multiply without any additional work.

Think of an engine firing on all cylinders, each part moving and responding at just the right time with just the right amount of pressure. No grinding, no forcing. Incorporate the 30-Day bootcamp into your existing system or use it as your primary training tool.

Freedom to focus

Has your growth actually slowed as your team has grown? Have you taken on the responsibility of training, putting out fires and answering questions?

With the 30-Day bootcamp, the balance is restored. Knowing that your team is receiving the best training available, is producing results and is constantly building momentum, actually frees you to focus on the efforts that make you the most money, and bring you the most freedom — sponsoring new business owners.

Whether you’ve been going at it for years or are brand-new to a home based business, imagine just for a second…

You pour the day’s first cup of coffee, and with a deep exhale, you’re reminded of a fearful, frustrating and exhausting piece of your life — the never ending, often-bitter process of building your home business.

But in a matter of moments, anticipation replaces that memory as you soak in just how freeing it is to be rid of the worry, fear and confusion that weighed down your days — and kept you from success.

Imagine you stumbled onto a time-tested system that gave you…

  • A clear vision and profound understanding, empowering you to take control of your daily activity and systematically reach every goal.

  • Massive, all-out results, regardless of your industry, product, service or economy.

  • The confidence that only comes from knowing you have the skills to create lasting results in your business.

  • The kind of deep reassurance that your team is receiving the best training available, allowing you to focus on new business instead of putting out fires.

  • A non-stop flow of quality referrals and recommendations, far beyond what you ever dreamed possible…

  • The keen ability to discern and respond to the full range of feelings, emotions, excuses and half-truths that once stopped you in your tracks.

  • An unbreakable focus and determination that no hidden doubt or lingering fear can overcome!

So why aren’t you already getting these kinds of results in your business?

The simple truth is that you haven’t been aware of a system like this or you’d already be taking advantage of it.

You’re no dummy. Given the option to work less for greater results or work more for the same-as-usual results, which one would you choose?

While the basics have stayed the same, the dynamic power of network marketing has evolved into a uniquely refined method, proven day-in and day-out for every one of the last 21 years by top sponsors, regardless of company or product.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s also not child’s play.

Take your next step to the freedom you want today!

The Smarter Networker 30-Day Bootcamp is 100% free for you and your team to use. In fact, the more you use it, the more you benefit, so we recommend plugging every team member and leader you know into the bootcamp.

Dani has strategically aligned these trainings to get you on track for the same results she’s been helping thousands reach for over 21 years.

All you need is a teachable attitude and commitment to follow through. Just sign up below, follow the simple directions and prepare for breakthrough.

Use your Facebook account to register for FREE online access Register with Facebook or enter your details:

FREE Online Access

Get instant access to the FREE
30-Day Home-Business Bootcamp.

Enter your name and email address to join today.
No credit card required.

Please tell us where to send your free program

over 31,018 have implemented this free training series!

We respect your privacy & will never sell or rent your information.

The 5 most common reasons for failure —

Which one’s affecting you?

  • The cast away

    You’re ready to do whatever it takes. You bought in, packed for the journey and are eager for the business ahead. Except you have no idea what lies ahead… or how to get there… or what to say when you arrive. You literally receive zero training and are digging around, scrounging for yourself.

    You’re the person who would maximize your training system — if only there were one. Or even worse, the training system you do have is next-to-useless and wasted weeks of your life.

  • The slow start

    You’re someone who takes action. You have the potential for insane success. But without the right focus — or even knowing where to focus — your feet freeze to the ground and getting your business moving feels like pushing a parked car.

    You know you can make this work, but you’re paralyzed, not sure where to invest your time, what to do first, and how to gain traction.

  • The side swipe

    “What am I doing wrong?” and “maybe this isn’t for me after all…” are frustratingly common thoughts for you. You might be plugged into a great system but your results fall short compared to the people around you. You started with great expectations but after your 10th, 25th or 50th “no” in a row, you started to doubt…

    Never knowing what to expect threw you off-course and left you feeling like you got t-boned by a semi-truck.

  • The my-team-doesn’t-do-anything

    You know how to get people on board. Whether it’s a handful or a boatload, your team is growing. Well, at least the number of warm bodies around YOU is growing. Getting your team to build their businesses, on the other hand, is like attempting eye surgery on yourself. It’s not working so good.

    And things go from bad to worse when you stop recruiting and focus on training your team, putting a virtual ceiling on your income and position growth. “How am I supposed to build this business and train my team at the same time?!” Sound familiar?

  • The lone ranger

    You’re a sharp, intelligent and likable person. You excel in a variety of areas and are used to trailblazing. Others assume you’ve figured it out and contently leave you to your methods. But as the inspiration fades, your ‘grind-it-out’ mentality takes over, and fun consequently walks out of the room. What has been a strength in the past is now a liability.

    In no industry does community and culture play so big a role as in ours, and you’ve been missing the train — the power of duplication.

Everyone is affected by at least some of these failures
did you find the ones affecting you?

The good news? With just a little guidance, you can break through
every one of these barriers and never get stuck here again!

We protect like Samurai

For years you pour your energy, time, focus and relationship into building a home business — to building your team and dedicating your resources to their success.

Only to have it stripped away in a matter of moments?

Some people think it’s okay to steal teams and leaders from another organization. We fiercely disagree.

That’s why we use a STRICT no cross-recruitment policy. Anyone attempting to recruit from another organization will be forever banned from all Smarter Networker resources & events.

That’s right, we’ve got your back like freaking Samurai!

A tailor made experience

The 30-Day Bootcamp is designed to work with your busy life. With built in times of rest and the freedom to choose what time of day the training works best for you, you can experience results on your own schedule.

Classy customer support

Need help placing an order or advice on where to start? Our actually-helpful customer support team is on your side. Send in an email or even better, pick up the phone and give us a call.

Amazing offers

Bootcamp members receive exclusive access to premier resources designed drive growth, boost sales and produce freedom. Imagine a script book that gives you and your team the exact words to use in every situation!

A system that never grows old

The 30-Day Bootcamp is the strategic result of over 21 years of head-turning results. Regardless of product, service or company, you’re getting practical, real world training for out-of-this-world results.

A thriving community

Users of Dani’s training span the globe, creating results in a diversity of political climates, failing and thriving economies, as well as in unrelated industries. The common thread? Word-of-mouth recommendation.

Samurai protection

Smarter Networker is adamant about your success. That’s why cross-recruiting is absolutely never allowed. You worked hard to build your business and no one has the right to take that from you.

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