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Prospecting Tips and MORE!

Dani answers recent questions submitted by members. Topics include: Exactly “HOW” did Dani get 40 customers in 3 days while living out of her car with no phone, no address, no advertising and no product results? How Dani leveraged a little bit of success into a quarter of a million dollars her first year How …

Learn What The 3 Primary Markets Are And MORE!

Topics include: Learn what was most likely the first approach Bill Gates used when starting Microsoft Learn what the 3 primary markets are and how to capitalize on the most lucrative one How to maximize your contact list and leverage your local resources to build and expand your business How to approach people and what …

How To Build Your Business With Your Warm Market

Subjects: How to effectively build your business with your warm market Why to build your business with your warm market? The 3 different types of markets Dealing with different types of responses How to trigger your memory for good prospects Specific examples and approaches you can use and what to say that gets results Live …