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Austin, TX

November 11th-13th, 2016


Develop the leadership skills to transform your future into a legacy

And make it last.

So you’re flying high at 10,000 ft. You just attended a First Steps To Success (First Steps) and life is good. Your business is growing, your relationships are better than ever and your debt is shrinking like a snowball in Bermuda.

You close your eyes and kick back to enjoy the ride.

A loud voice interrupts your relaxation…

“Check your parachute and prepare to dive.”

You spasm out of your seat and realize that you’re in the belly of a skydiving plane, not a passenger jet.

The bay doors begin to open.

This just got real.

You have to make a split-second decision: are you going to freak out and lock yourself in the bathroom, or are you going to kick fear in the teeth and leap into the Great Blue Yonder?

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If you’re finally ready to live up to your full potential…

Here’s the bottom line:

Success isn’t just one long smooth ride to the top. It’s filled with turbulence, rough weather, and big risks.

That’s why you came to Dani Johnson in the first place. She helped you strip off all the unforgiveness and 98%-er thinking that was keeping you stuck on the ground.

Now you’re airborne and you know enough to get yourself in trouble. High altitude trouble.

In order to avoid crashing and burning, it’s time to take the next level of training from someone who leapt from the burning plane of her own failures and came out on top.

Creating A Dynasty is the most advanced leadership training we offer

You’re going to discover the secret of sustainable success

Nobody gets thrown out of a perfectly good plane without getting thorough instruction on the what, how, when, and where. In fact, your first jump is tandem, meaning you’re literally strapped to someone else who can walk (or fly) you through the process.

Actually, we’ve arranged virtually the same exact thing for every person who registers for Creating A Dynasty (Dynasty). But I’ll tell you more on that later.

My point is this:

The kind of skills that you need to create repeat success for the rest of your life can’t just be learned from a book or watched in a video.

You have to get your hands dirty – make mistakes, practice the correct habits and throw out the old ones.

Dani takes you through three days of immersive exercises and training sessions, all designed to rewire your brain for a life of success.

Leave behind the struggle, agony and disappointment of life as you know it

There are people who will visit this page and pay $2,595 without ever setting foot in a First Steps event. You know what we do with that money?

We send it right back. In fact, you can’t pay us enough money to let you skip First Steps before attending Dynasty. Period.

Why? Because it would be a waste of your money.

It’d be like allowing someone to go parachuting without completing the safety and technique instructions.

It doesn’t happen.

You can’t fake the influence, confidence and wisdom of a great leader

That’s the secret of Creating A Dynasty

Great leaders aren’t born, they’re forged in the fires of experience. After attending Dynasty you will understand naturally how to:

  • Scale your business so you aren’t a slave to it
  • Duplicate powerful leadership skills throughout your orgranization
  • Increase your salary or business income
  • Eradicate stress
  • Navigate smoothly through conflict and disagreement
  • Develop a profound ability to connect with all four GEMS
  • Conquer the root of your worst fears

Creating A Dynasty graduates gain intimate knowledge of Dani’s bullet-proof success strategies, including:

  • A formula for promotion that generates quick results
  • How to completely shake off limiting beliefs and the conditioning that keeps you broke
  • Productivity hacks that help you avoid distractions and time-sucking habits
  • A step-by-step plan to identify your goals and break them into manageable pieces
  • Techniques to grow your confidence and influence
  • Ways to inject more peace and harmony into your life
  • Razor-sharp communication skills

It’s time for you to sink your teeth into your goals and never let go

This exclusive accountability benefit is activated as soon as you register!

Early I mentioned that we’ve arranged something special to help people who register for Dynasty. I also mentioned something about being strapped to another human being – don’t worry, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about professional grade accountability. For every person who registers to attend Dynasty, we’ve arranged an Accountability Specialist to collaborate with you on your goals and keep you focused.

This is an exceptional opportunity. Once you’ve set the appointment, you’ll receive regular phone-call checkins.

Life is filled with distraction, your “jump buddy” is there to help you navigate successfully through every challenge.

The goals you choose to focus on are up to you, but here are a few examples of common objectives that our Accountability Specialists have helped clients achieve in between First Steps and Dynasty:

  • Knocking out those pesky credit cards
  • Bringing in fresh customers
  • Growing your team and hitting sales goals
  • Slimming down to your ideal shape
  • Planning an overdue family vacation
  • Launching your first business
  • And much more!

Your commitment determines your outcome

This three day event demands a high level of engagement and participation from every attendee. In fact, we only hold Dynasty twice a year because we’re looking to train only the most dedicated leaders.

Dani has spent nearly 20 years refining the exercises and training materials. Each is tailored to rewire your mind, removing the dysfunctional habits and thought processes, replacing them with “superconducting” strategies so you will be fully prepared for the challenges ahead of you.

What happens if you don’t like it?

Behold the power of our no-nonsense guarantee

Our company is all about creating value in the marketplace. We’ve worked very hard to ensure that each client can extract as much benefit from our products and events as possible.

We also know that we can’t please everyone all the time.

Here’s our guarantee in plain, practical terms:

If you attend Dynasty and decide that the content will not help your personal development or improve your business, then we will return the registration fees that you paid to attend.

At the point where you request a refund, your attendee badge will be collected and you will no longer have access to the event or any of the exclusive offers made to attendees.

You must request the refund prior to the conclusion of the event. This means that before 5:00 pm Sunday night, you must contact a member of the event staff and notify them of your desire to receive a refund. The money will be returned to you based on your method of payment within 30 days following the last day of Dynasty.

In order to prevent anyone from taking advantage of this system, we will not grant any requests for refund that are made after the last day of Dynasty.

Space is extremely limited
First come, first served

Not everyone who is qualified will be allowed to attend. Demand for this event is significant, so much so that we block off a set number of seats that can only be released for purchase at First Steps.

If you missed your opportunity at First Steps, there’s no guarantee we’ll have room for you now. The sooner you make the decision, the better your chances.

I hope for your sake, you’ll make the decision today,

Zac Garver

Register Now for Creating A Dynasty in Austin!

Do NOT register for this event if:

  • You have not yet attended a First Steps
  • You are a whiner, not a worker
  • You plan on spending your whole weekend talking on the phone and checking Facebook
  • You won’t step out of your comfort zone to discover the secrets to long-term success
  • You care more about looking “put together” than a lifetime of meaningful results
  • You are unwilling to follow simple instructions

How will my life look different
after Creating A Dynasty

This event is designed to transform your life into a vehicle for sustainable, dream-driven success and healthy, vital relationships.

The exact changes that will take place in your life depend on how consistently you apply what you learn. Going back to the skydiving analogy, just strapping the parachute on and getting on the plane doesn’t mean you can, or will complete the jump to earth.

Dani gives you the tools you need and shows you how to use them. The rest is up to you.

Thousands of lives have transformed at this event, here are just a few examples:

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view more stories from clients who began building their future at Dynasty

Register Now for Creating A Dynasty!

The Most Advanced Leadership Training We Offer!

Next Event

Austin, TX

November 11th – 13th, 2016

  • Location
  • Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa

    575 Lost Pines Road, Lost Pines, TX, 78612

  • Event Times
  • Friday: 9:00am – 10:30pm

    Saturday: 10:00am – 10:30pm

    Sundday: 10:00am – 5:00pm (or later)

  • Accomodations
  • Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa

    For Reservations call toll free 1-888-421-1442 or (512) 308-1234. Room rate is $155 per night single/double. Reference or Creating A Dynasty when registering to receive the discounted rate.

  • Transportation
  • Austin–Bergstrom International Airport – (AUS) (16 Miles)
    Super Shuttle – $__ Roundtrip, Click Here to book or call 1-(800)-258-3826
    Uber – $21-$29 Approximately
    Taxi – $45 Approximately

  • Terms & Info
  • Ethics Agreement will be strictly enforced. No infants or toddlers allowed in the seminar. There are two agreements you will be required to sign to attend this event. You will not be allowed into this event without signing both agreements at registration time! You may review these documents ahead of time by clicking on these links: Release & AcknowledgementEthics Agreement.

Breakthrough your fears and take your success to the next level!


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Special Notice

  • If you would like to register your spouse and/or children, we offer a discount for add-on tickets – to take advantage of this discount please call 1-512-900-2779 and a Client Service Representative will assist you.
  • If you have previously registered and would like to upgrade to Fast Track, or Event MP3, please call 1-512-900-2779 and a Client Service Representative will help you.

Imagine your story appearing here, alongside these, from recent Creating A Dynasty events

Brendan Moran

“Prior to plugging into [Dani Johnson] I was working like a dog, in the same job for 25 years, stressed to my eyeballs, choking on bitterness, resentment, and negativity. After attending First steps and Dynasty I have completely changed my focus to helping others succeed. Through the GEMS teaching, I learned how to better communicate with my boss and to make his job easier. As a result I have been promoted twice, received a $20,000 pay-raise plus a $20,000 bonus and $50,000 in company stock, I am excited and enthusiastic about the future and helping others by starting a Job Domination learning series for my team… All I know is I keep attending DJC events and blessings keep falling in my lap. So if you’re looking to grow your income by almost 6 figures, reduce stress, be more positive and help your workmates, your family and your community then you will join me at the next [event].”

Laura Wessling Phillips

“Prior to Dani Johnson, I was furious at my husband for the debt that was torturing us and thought that we would divorce when our daughter graduated. I was so disappointed because life had not turned out how I wanted it to. Now we’ve been using the skills taught at First Steps To Success and Dynasty and have paid off almost $90,000 in debt and are planning a romantic 25th Wedding Anniversary trip!”

Arlene Summers

“Dani I am still blown away by how my 14-year-old daughter, Trinity, has changed since she created her own money to attend Dynasty (in Atlanta) and meeting you on stage. As a mother, THANK YOU SO MUCH! She is living up to her testimonial: ‘Prior to First Steps to Success I was drowning in depression, wasn’t connecting with my family, and had my personal bank account cut off; MOM! After attending my FSTS I started my own business and generated enough income to attend my first Dynasty event. Now my relationship with my family is stronger, I’m happier than ever, and I make money to do what I like.’

Terry Cornell

“Before training our business was just ok, we had some trouble closing contracts to certain high end clients and we were spending the money faster than we made it. We attended Dani's leadership training Creating a Dynasty and took part in her Coaching and Accountability Program and our company sold a contract where in eight days I made $148,000. We have paid off $80,000 in debt in two years and paid cash for an airplane. We also just qualified for a promotion in the company and won an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii!”

Sarah Shepherd

“Before coming the 1st Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty, I was stressed out about my future, I hated my job and my family royally confused me on a regular basis. Now, I have the courage and skills to pursue my dreams and I love my job. I have gotten 4 raises, 1 promotion and I’m being trained up for management! And I love my family more than ever and I am able to work with them without misunderstanding every other sentence!!!”

Jon Greany

“Prior to plugging into Dani Johnson I was drowning in debt, crippled by fear and depression and my life was spiraling out of control. Since plugging in and applying the skills she teaches, I tripled my income, paid off $13,000 of debt in 7 months and a landlord even refunded 2 years of rent because he wanted us to invest it into our first income property. Not to mention we will get to give over $10,000 this year to orphans and widows. …all I know is if you want to be the best in your field, help people in need, and are ready to follow a step by step proven system while having a BLAST you need to register right now for the next live event.”

Merry Lynn Shepherd

“Before attending First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty, my husband and I were buried under a HUGE amount of debt, our side business had failed, my husband hated his job and his boss. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stress and tension in our home. After plugging in to the training with Dani Johnson, we have paid off over $20,000 of credit card debt in 8 months’ time, stress levels have come way, way down, communication between my husband and kids has improved 100 fold, and the night before we left for Dynasty, I closed a $9,705 deal with a client in our business! Not only that but our grown children are taking notice and have started attending and applying. One daughter has received 4 raises and a promotion at her job in the last 6 months!”

Jared Crebs

“Prior to learning about Dani Johnson, my side business was stuck; it was actually shrinking! I was working 7 days a week with never a day off. I had poor spending habits, spending everything I made, living paycheck to paycheck. My relationship with my girlfriend was suffering because I didn’t have an understanding of her. After plugging into Dani’s First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty, I learned a duplicable system, techniques and skills that are light years ahead of what I knew before. During the last 4 weeks, I have produced over $40k in sales volume and produced a $6,500 check in one month! I’ve also paid off $5,200 in debt. I’ve cut my hours to 35 hours a week, taking a day off improved my relationship with my girlfriend and we’re having a lot more fun! I don’t know about you, but if you want to work smarter not harder, make more money, while help more people… I suggest you attend the next [event].”

Diane McCracken

“After attending and applying what we learned from First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty, we lost 30 lbs each, paid off over $63,000 in 12 months, restored our broken marriage, and invited our children to attend every event with us. Our family and children are flourishing in ways we could not imagine, we are blown away at how FAST our RESULTS began!”

Gary Mach

“I have learned many new avenues of life. Using my FORMing skills….Computer business is exploding, Farm is exploding – just landed a part time position today as a research machine operator/data collections systems analyst by a fortune 500 national agricultural company. I have eliminated frivolous spending, created a pathway and purpose for my money (now have investments of over $70,000), married a smoking hot gorgous gal at a Creating a Dynasty event (married by Dani Johnson ), and working to mend relationships with my 4 children and my two ex-wifes. I have also been able to build goals for helping others that was never possible. We are giving more to charities than we used to make for ourselves in one month.”

Marion Bartlett

“The biggest impact has been on my husbands and my marriage! I cannot even remember the last argument we had. We didn’t have a bad marriage by any means, but we certainly both got frustrated with each other a lot. Learning about GEMS was eye opening! I finally understood where our downfall was happening and have been able to change things! Listening to your CDs and reading Dale Carnegie’s book is changing my life! Thank you so much! My marriage is filled with healthy communication, and so are my friendships. I have made my daily quiet time with God a high priority and not missed a day. My time management is so much better and I don’t work all the time. I want to grow my business, but the personal growth I have made this last month is more amazing than anything else I have ever experienced! Having Kristiin as an accountability coach has been wonderful. She helps me to set goals and reflects on my obstacles with me. I pray about my obstacles now instead of trying to tackle them myself. Thank you so much for the amazing training you provide. I can’t wait to see you at Creating a Dynasty.”

Julie Miller

“Prior to attending First Steps to Success and Dynasty with Dani Johnson I was truly a lost and broken soul in life, wandering, always trying to find my place and what mattered. The ‘meaning’ of it all, and the reasons that I never could get there. I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of self destruct which was harmful to my family and job. I was overcome by the lack of income needed to keep up with the bills flowing in, and unsure how to dig out. I was depressed, and living a life full of ongoing panic attacks. When I attended First Steps I learned how to communicate with others in a language they would not only understand, but respond to. At Dynasty, I received the skills I needed to finally let go of the labels that kept me bound to a life of despair and destruction, both for myself and my family. We are CALLED TO BE FREE, and now I have the tools and team to achieve it! I’m a work in progress, but with the powerful network of Dani Johnson members, I can’t possibly fail!”

Glenn Beechy

“Our marriage was failing in a lot of areas and the connection with our children was not the best . And we had a lot of debt. But since going to first steps and dynasty we have restored our marriage and have paid off $70,000 in debt in 1 yr.and we now are able to home school our children and we are now supporting an orphanage in Haiti.”

Mandy Anderson

“My top 10 sprouts 1) Doubled my income with my home business. 2) Tripled my team 3) Healed of a life threatening disease! 4) 60% closing ratio since Dynasty in June. 5) Started playing piano after 11 years of not!! 6) Composed 5 songs on the piano since August!! 7) Performed my new songs in front of a live audience!! 8) Got a promotion (after Dynasty in June) 9) Went skydiving!! 10) Paid off a total of $4,381.24 in 6 months (since Dynasty in June… My life, and my husband’s life, is drastically changed because of it. Dead dreams have been rebirthed and restored!!"

Robert Stipak

“My wife has gotten a promotion after 10+ years of nothing, they created a new position for her, was given a 30% raise in this economy as well as she works at a not for profit organization! We have paid off 10’s of thousands of dollars in debt, we have tithed 10’s of thousands of dollars, was ignorant to debt before plugging into Dani Johnson, so I don’t know about you or your life but, if you would like results like this… It is time to plug in!!!”

Jeri Simone Toliver

“After doing a quick self-analysis I am dumbfounded in amazement. In approximately 10 months after visiting Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty I have paid off another $3700 in debt, re-entered the workforce 2 months ago after taking her Job Domination course and literally had 3 companies fighting for me – resulting in a 25% increase in my yearly salary, currently working on building a brand that has been near and dear to my heart, and enjoying more quality time with my family and God. I really couldn’t be any more happier with where my life is headed!”

Mark Barbeary

“Prior to working with DJC we had lost our company, 2 houses and our home. We were homeless and drowning in debt. We even sold our wedding rings for food. We sold our old caravan to get the money to fly to Dynasty and learned some skills about people, business and money. In the last 33 months we have paid off $36000 in personal debt, started a couple of businesses and I have construction contracts booked up for 2 years in advance with a total value of over $1 million dollars. So if you want to improve your skills in business and pay off debt. Or you want to have some fun, help people and make a whole lot of money then you need to go to dani johnson and get registered for the next live event.”

Samantha Lienhop

“I have to say that the mp3 recordings are priceless. I had to leave Sunday about an hour half before we were done, and I missed some serious nuggets! If it wasn’t for the recordings I wouldn’t have even know what I missed! Nothing beats being there, and I won’t leave early again, that’s certain, but I’m so grateful for the opportunity to listen to Dani and everyone else over and over again until it sinks in a little better each time! Thank you!”

Neil Koehler

“Prior to plugging in I lacked true vision, struggled to bring out the best in people with different personality types from my own and was sinking further and further into debt. Although I was making money in my business, I did not understand the concept of wealth. Since plugging into dani johnson, First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty, I have tripled my income in my business from $300 to $1000 a week and still rising. I have paid off over $2500 in debt in 3 months while discovering over $800 in excess monthly spending. I have discovered true belief and conviction. I can now speak to and motivate people of all four personality types and I’m conduction GEMS study groups to help people in my community with these skills. If you want to learn how to annihilate your debt, explode your income and vastly improve your people skills I highly recommend that you get to the next First Steps to Success.”

Mia Gray

“Dani, the content of this message is TOTALLY AWESOME! Thank You Thank You for your OBEDIENCE! It is truly blessing me and my family! What took place this weekend at Dynasty is unbelievable but God used you to get the message to us that we needed to be RESTORED, RENEWED and SET FREE! Thank you for not being selfish, and giving of yourself each show, each call, each event, each day!”

Justin Edge

“Since coming to Creating A Dynasty I have improved my communication skills with people, she actually sits you down and puts us in groups and we get to exercise communication with different GEMS. It’s amazing. I’ve increased my income. I learned how to invest and build wealth. You’ve got to get here!”

Linda Owen

“Since going in July I have gone to a total of 3 First Steps and last weekend my first Creating a Dynasty seminar. I am applying the tools I have learned and in 4 months have cut out $650.00 in fat from my spending each month. I have paid off $60,000 in debt and put $2500 into a savings account. I feel happier, more focused and feel my life has a purpose now. I have met amazing like minded people who love and support each other. I can’t imagine ever going back to my old way of life.”

David DeRego

“I was a depressed veteran abusing pain medication and lost at sea when it came to business. On top of that I had been single for a number of years and was incredibly lonely… After attending FSTS and Creating a Dynasty I met and married my wife, I now have a clear path to run on when it comes to building strategic relationships, and Surprisingly I now have employers pursuing me. My wife and I are about to go on a trip to a foreign country to love on orphans and take a break from work.”

Angelina McArthur

“Before coming to Dani, I was frustrating my husband, a dictator to my kids, hated my job, and was afraid of starting my own business. After First Steps and Dynasty I have mindblowing people skills, understand the differences between my children and guide them with a gentle manner, and am starting my tax firm. People say I am positive and they love to be around me, even those who used to think that I was aggressive. If you want to be able to influence ANYONE, explode your income and have a beautiful relationship with your spouse and family, you will be at the next Dynasty!”

How much better would your life be with results like these?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the difference between First Steps and Dynasty?

A. First Steps provides you with the foundations of living an uncommon life. It is the introduction to the techniques and strategies that Dani has used to build her wealth and influence. It is also a prerequisite for anyone who desires to attend Dynasty

Dynasty is our most advanced leadership training. It takes the concepts introduced at First Steps and builds on them. Attendees take part in interactive exercises and training sessions that help to purge dysfunctional thinking and habits while installing the mindset needed for success.

Q. I’ve listened to the Dani Johnson Show and her products, why do I need Dynasty?

A. Dynasty is an interactive experience where the entire room breaks into small groups to work through the material. It’s not hours of lecturing or mindless memorizing. Dynasty cannot be recreated and there is no substitute for being there in person.

Q. When and where will the next Dynasty happen?

A. It’s hard to say for sure. So we don’t. We only announce one Dynasty event in advance. There are lots of reasons for this, not least of which is the logistic challenge of finding a large enough venue to hold an event of this nature.

Also, you are setting yourself up for disappointment by waiting for Dani to bring Dynasty to a city near you? It might happen. It might not. We receive hundreds of requests every month for Dani to visit cities and countries all over the world – far too many for us to satisfy. Your best bet is to plan to attend the next event, regardless of location.

Q. What is the Accountability all about?

A. Every person who registers for Dynasty is entitled to regular appointments with our dedicated accountability specialists, Steve and Kristiin. They are incredible people who will encourage in the pursuit of your dreams and goals. Many of our clients experience radical change at First Steps, but struggle to maintain in the weeks leading up to Dynasty. This is a tremendous new value-add that will make it easier for you to stay on track and deliver a knock-out testimonial from the Dynasty stage!

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