Creative ways to let the world know that You’re In Business!

Initial Contact/Prospecting

Master this critical skill and find your next super star!


Everyone can do a great presentation to one person or thousands! Here’s how!


New people are what drive your business. Get good at this skill and watch your business thrive!


Help your new person earn $100 in their first 48 hours! Putting money in their pocket is the best way to teach them your system!


The real power of our industry is in team building! Create an simple system to follow, teach others to use the system, watch your business grow. It’s all here.


Become an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR and teach others to be the same!


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Social Media

The power of social media is undeniable. Learn how to successfully leverage these platforms in just a few minutes per day.

FB Frenzy

The rules are always changing in social media, keep yourself up to date what’s working now!

Flyer System

The exact flyer system Dani Johnson used to make $2,000 in 10 Hours!

Home Business Success Live

Recorded live at First Steps To Success, this training will take you through Dani’s 7 step system and how to implement them in your own business! You DON’T want to miss this training!