Closing Out Your Month With Explosive Results

Topics include: Closing out your month with explosive results even if you…

  • Have worked hard all month and have nothing to show for it yet
  • Were in management mode all month and have been working with your team instead of getting sales yourself
  • Have been caught up in politics all month
  • Brand new and don’t know what’s going on
  • Think it’s too late because you’ve already blown it this month
  • Your just getting back from vacation and don’t have anything in your “pipeline”
  • Your crippled with fear and are discouraged because you let someone “neg” you out
  • Have done awesome all month long and are on track to have a big month and more!

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  1. Dani does it again- thanks for directing us back to this training from 2 years ago! WOW. It is all here folks.
    This call was so powerful I needed to transcribe the exact words that Dani fired away so that I could be a simple copy cat. You nake this WAY to easy. There is no excuse for anyone to EVER end out the month or year with a bang after hearing this call. It left me saying to myself “So that’s how she does it” Brilliant. Loved the stories about the fearful Amish women that are tearing this up. .

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