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Setting Goals To Improve Your Business

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Business In 2005! How to avoid the “roller coaster” and relax into greater profits. What to focus on to increase positive results. How to set realistic goals and achieve them. How to handle mistakes and failures. How to pick a skill and master it this year. Increase …

Maximize Your Customer Base And Sales Force

Topics include: How to maximize your customer base and sales force and increase production levels overnight. Using the training system for maximum leverage of your time. Insights to things you may be doing to diminish your groups production. How to get your people to work in their strengths, not their weaknesses for maximum profits, …

Filling Your Pipeline For Explosive Growth

On this Classic broadcast, Dani shares specific strategies to create massive results in your business through the holiday season and into the New Year. Discover how you can get talk to your warm market easily, stay motivated through the holiday season, and hit the bonus pools for the month of December. Topics Include: How to …