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How To Equip Yourself To Be Successful

Tonight, Dani talks about how to make sure that 2006 is better than 2005 in every way. Listen to reasons why someone should be an entrepreneur and/or start a home business and how to succeed. How to equip yourself to be successful beginning TODAY! Topics include: Are you part of the 98% or part of …

How To Prosper In Life & Grow Your Business

Tonight, Dani talks about what you should be doing during this time of year to grow your business and prosper your life and end the year with a bang! Topics include: How what you focus on changes your life Why are you building your business and how you can affect the world Eight points to …

Insider Secrets Of 6 & 7 Income Earners

Tonight’s call will change your life! Dani talks with leaders in the industry after the Creating A Dynasty event in Denver, CO. Hear six-figure income earners tell their stories and learn how they got where they are today. Learn how you can increase your check immediately with the nuggets of information that you will get …