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How To Build A Distributorship/Home Business

Subjects: How to build a distributorship/home business Job description How to build a successful business Most duplicatable simple and effective system you can use to get new customers and reps What your focus should be when you start new customers/reps How to build for an event Success testimonial And more!

How To Attack Your Business And Work Massive Numbers

Subjects: Prospecting and Recruiting, working massive numbers, attacking your business. Getting over phone fear. Working leads. How to attract and recruit the right people. How to not waste your time with the “no’s.” How to increase your leverage with people. Dealing with people’s excuses. Open Q&A. Running ads. And MORE!

Why December Can Be Your Best Month

Subjects: Why December can be your best month for your business Prejudging people Strategy for December Motivation when you’re homeless Getting decisions out of people Mindset and posture of sorting and closing Key questions to get the prospect to sell themselves Examples and roll playing And MORE!

How To Generate New Business And MORE!

Subjects: Action mode is what makes you money: How to get your check to grow in the next 90 days. How to generate new business and growth. How to get to the new people, how to approach them, and different examples of how to invite them to take a look depending on whether you use …

KLAV Radio Interview

Dani Johnson interviewed LIVE on, a home–business/success/network marketing radio station broadcasting live from Las Vegas, Nevada. It is really good! Some great tips to build your business and change your sales and recruiting results.

Success for Your New People

Subjects: How to start new people so they have the greatest chance of success: 4 valuable things they bring you (hint: it’s not their $) Examples – what to say, questions to ask, getting started checklist How to immunize them against negative influences