Specific Strategies To Make More Money In Less Time

Tonight Dani talks about how to make more money in less time. She will show a specific technique of how to maximize the time you are putting into your business. Dani has 12 different areas where you can use this to accelerate your business and become more profitable starting today!

  • Are you living your life by design or default?
  • What is edification and how it can change your business
  • What type of environment would you want to work in?
  • How to speak life into your team and what a difference it can make
  • What one thing you can do to increase retention
  • Know the impact that your leaders can have on your business
  • How you can prepare your business presentation for success
  • Who/What you should be building up every presentation
  • How to change your business today so you can make more money with less time

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  1. Our team does exactly what you do teach Dani! You know well our team leader, Brett from North Carolina! This is a great training!

  2. Hello Dani:

    Accalades to You – Dani – Your truth and sincere belief in home-based businesses and the steps to take for great success!

    I am starting a new travel home-based business and altho I have been very successful in another home-based business, (certified astrological mentor & coach) the travel industry and business has opened up some new and amazing challenges: Focus & Discipline!

    Your enthusiasm and motivational skills have helped me today, especially in the areas of: Edifying and Creating Excitment to my prospective clients.

    I am certainly going to recommend your expertise in coaching to my family and friends.

    Thank you!
    Rhoda Friedman
    Executive Marketing Leader

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