Personal Growth And Leadership, Live Q & A

Tonight Dani takes more questions LIVE from call participants. This is a live and interactive call with questions regarding prospecting, time management, leads, closing, phone fear, and so much more!

Topics include:

  • How do you get prospects to show up for a follow up call
  • Three reasons why people do not show up for a follow up presentation
  • What you need to realize in order to become successful at anything you do
  • How do you get your people take the next step in their business
  • Phone fear – how to get over it now and what will happen if you don’t
  • What is the best risk you can take for your family’s future
  • Where to find out word for word what to say in any business presentation to increase your closing ratios immediately
  • How to develop the sales force you want and increase your monthly income
  • What is the best way to manage your leads
  • What to leave your prospects with and what not to leave them with
  • Double your tips now – find out how!


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  1. Dani,

    You & all the people you have had speak have given me a lot to think about. Thank you.

    Have a great day! May God bless you!
    Eileen Rossman

  2. Dani, Thank you so much for sending me a link to this and so many other trainings. I am hooked! I believe that your site has been an answer to prayer. This call was no less than what I have come to expect from you! Excellence! I do have one question and that is how do we plug in to a specific date on the audio training. I was listening to a call and you referenced another training. Is there a way to just search trainings by date, can’t seem to figure that out.

  3. I also had trouble listing to the 6-27 audio, so I called the office at 866-760-8255 and they helped me through it. Just call and get help. I loved the audio. Thanks Dani

  4. Like Helen Stein , I too have paid fpr DJ material & I.’m very satisfied …..but why cant we get the 6-27 audio up..???


  5. It seams to be a major problem for a lot of people, the aspect of rejection. However if you can come to understand that the more failures and rejections you have will determine your future success it makes it easier to proceed in a positive manner. Dani”s experience and ease in explaining why fear of rejection is not a reason to quit and the manner in which she makes it easily understood is again witness to her expertise in coaching. Every explanation is a pearl of wisdom and another tool to use for success in this industry. I am enjoying the process of educating myself in what i believe is the last vestige of free enterprise thanks to Dani johnson. I am looking forward to utilising the wisdom and knowledge gained. Thank you, Trevor Samuels.

  6. This call is the best call I have ever heard and mainly because of the answer she gave to the young lady about fear of picking up the phone. When Dani said “what is he gonna do?”, referring to him possibly rejecting her. That was a huge kick in the behind because I have…..HAD that same fear and now I feel that fear totally gone from my mind.

  7. I am replying to Karstine’s comment about the man who got really nasty with her. It’s unfortunate that that happened, but really, if he’s going to get that mean with you, do you really want him on your team reflecting you if that’s what he’s like? I’d be grateful to him for disqualifying himself as it looks to me like this sort of business is not right for him. Feel sorry for him that HE’S the one missing out on a great opportunity to potentially earn millions!!

    Warmest Regards, Martheine

  8. Hello,

    I have purchased Dani Johnson’s live Training program and love it! However I am trying to listen to the June27 program on duplication and it keeps reading error opening file. Please advise.



  9. I know I should learn to love rejection but the other day when I did a presentation the person I showed my business to got really nasty and he was so negative and even felt insulted. How dare I show this kind of thing to him and then he went on and on and on to point out why it was almost a disgrace that I bothered him with it. Now I knew this guy to be a nice person before I showed him the business but now I was so shocked by his agressive reaction I felt as if I did something terrible and it really got to me in a way that I rather would avoid. Now how do I prevent this sort of reaction to happen. (I’m a kind civilised person that cannot understand what could have triggered this kind of agressive rejection)

  10. I logged in as a new person but for some reason, I can’t go any further, the log in square keeps coming up when I want to hear some of the free things. I tried about 20 different times, and now I just have no more patience, it just will not work for me. I purchased the book though…that part went thru! Please help, because I am very frustrated! Thanks…Deborah

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