Imagine This…


You pick up the phone with excitement and anticipation of what is about to happen.

You have a feeling that, today, you are going to find the perfect candidate to fill an important position in your home based business. Your posture of strength reflects the belief that you are about to offer a qualified applicant an opportunity that will change their lives forever. Who it will be is based on the response they give to the words that so easily roll off your tongue. So many want what you have but so few are qualified, who will make the cut?

Call after call, the response is the same “Yes, I would like to hear more” as you send each applicant to take a look at your online business presentation. The follow up calls go just as smoothly, you handle their objections effortlessly, and several of the applicants weed themselves out as the higher quality people start to rise to the top of today’s crop. Who will be the one?

The best part is that the remaining applicants are nearly begging to be your choice. They are trying to not seem too excited but they can’t really hide it.

As you ask the closing questions you think back to a few months ago when you were failing miserably at this, almost giving up. “I just can’t do this” was bouncing around in your head, but those thoughts are long gone now. The word “YES!“brings you back to the present as you find your newest project. As they enter their payment method to purchase your top business package you start looking forward to helping them make their first $1000 and building a new friendship… life is good.

Does this sound like your day of prospecting?

I didn’t think so and it wasn’t mine either. I can remember being terrified to pick up the phone and invite people to take a look. I was missing a few things like the words to say, the posture of confidence and a real understanding of the process.

Scripts that make it simple

Then my team leader gave me a simple, single page, script that changed everything. Now my biggest fear of not knowing what to say evaporated. This was nearly 20 years ago and that script now lives on page 33 of Dani Johnson’s Script Book. I read that script 9 times and, three hours later, 8 of those people were in my living room! That was the start of a successful career in home based business.

10’s of thousands of home business entrepreneurs have since used Dani’s script book with amazing success. In fact, there is now a second script book packed full of scripts to handle objections and to help you close like Dani herself.

You see, Dani developed these scripts during her meteoric rise to the top of our industry. Going from homeless, living out of her car and unemployed to making her first million less than 24 months later. But, really, the scripts aren’t enough by themselves; you need to hear Dani read these scripts so that you can capture her attitude. This is really where the magic is found.

Audio training to bring it all to life

Fortunately, Dani includes two amazing CD’s full of live roll playing recorded during her famous training event: the Home Business Entrepreneurs Workshop. Listen to this over and over until her posture becomes your posture. Learn what objection should trigger what script and how to say them with confidence. Your results WILL improve, guaranteed!

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So here is the best offer you will ever see around this product. We bundled both of Dani’s script books with over 60 scripts for every possible scenario and both of the audio CD’s into one package at one great price. But we also want to give you a powerful set of bonuses to really kick your prospecting skill set into high gear. These bonuses are worth the $97 bundle price by all by themselves. In addition to the 2 audio CD’s that we will send you with this bundle there are 5 additional downloads that you can start taking advantage of today!

Take a look at these bonuses but understand that this is the one and only time you will have access to them. Once this page closes they will be gone.

Order now and receive these

Bonus 1: Prospecting & Closing Teleseminar Recordings – Secrets of a Multi-Millionaire!

The information contained in these MP3s (recorded from an exclusive 2 part teleseminar) will give you the confidence to master the art and skill of 7 figure prospecting and closing. You will forever eliminate phone fear and the fear of rejection catapulting you into a professional rather than an amateur. This training was held exclusively for Dani’s premiere clients. It’s not available for sale anywhere on our site, and is yours FREE!

Bonus 2: Cold and Warm Market Prospecting Tips, Scripts and Examples CD!

This jam-packed training CD captured in one of Dani’s live training calls is truly awesome. You’ll have Dani personally training you on each of the scripts in the Script Book and the techniques that make them work! With this training CD, the scripts will come “ALIVE” and you’ll really get to pick up on Dani’s personal body language, tonality, attitude and posture while going through the scripts.

Bonus 3: Follow-Up and Closing Tips, Scripts, and Examples CD!

A CD captured from a live training call where Dani takes you through the follow up and closing process giving you tips and pointers along the way that maximize your results with the scripts!

Bonus 4: Professionally Formatted Transcripts!

Read the transcripts from the above 2 training CDs. You’ll be able to learn the material even faster by following along as you listen to Dani’s voice, or print them out and read them anywhere, anytime, and your leisure.

Bonus 5: Dani’s Lead Contact Sheet on PDF!

Download and make copies of this simple but important tool for keeping all your lead calls and follow-up conversations organized for maximum productivity, follow-up, follow-through and signups!

Bonus 6: Core Rapport Methodology™ training MP3!

This audio training it will increase your results using your script book exponentially! You’ll learn an amazing system Dani has developed to build instant rapport and trust with your prospects (or anyone for that matter!) while leading them into your opportunity by their personal needs, strengths and goals! Learn how to communicate in a more effective and efficient way that will impact your business and your life forever!

Bonus 7: Edification Training MP3!

This audio training will school you on the fine art and skill of Edification! You may not fully appreciate initially just how valuable this audio training is, but we trust that as you dive into your script book package, you will truly value this training. The concepts Dani teaches you here are like throwing gasoline on a fire in your business when used with the other techniques in the Script Book you’ll be learning. Dani will show a specific technique of how to maximize the time you are putting into your business. Dani has 12 different areas where you can use this to accelerate your business and become more profitable starting today!

So, there you have it, several hundred dollars of skill building and money making tools for just $97!
Just the script books and the CD’s normally sell for $107 alone.

Dani Johnson’s

Prospecting and Closing Script Book + Prospecting and Closing Script Book Supplemental

ADD TO CART | $97 Bundle
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