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Identifying The 10 Types Of Reps In Your Business

Dani Johnson shows you the different types of people in your business and what to do with each one to turn them into an amazing, producing, duplicating leader. Listen today! Topics Include: Where to find a free script to download and use today! What to do with your prospect who is too scared to get …

5 Simple Steps to Start Right and Stay Right

Tonight Dani talks about 5 simple steps to get your team started and keep them on the right track. Learn how to handle objections from new people after they get started in your team. Dani role plays with some of her most successful students, giving specific examples on how to deal with some common objections. …

9 Steps To Have Your Best Month

Tonight Dani talks about 9 steps you can take to make this month your best, and how you can make the next three months more prosperous than ever! Topics include: What is the gift that you have that costs nothing but means everything? Four things that will shape your career if you implement them NOW …

Weekly Saturday Training Outline

Tonight Dani talks about a topic that will give you a way to make an amazing amount of money. This is a topic that Dani has NEVER talked about before in this forum! Dani outlines her entire "Saturday Training" formula that generated thousands of dollars in business for her entire team.