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Five Steps To Building A Successful Business

Topics include: Learn the 5 simple steps to building a successful, duplicatable home business What to say and do on the initial contact and what NOT to say and do to turn your prospect off The real purpose of the business presentation phase How to do the follow-up and close, what questions to ask to build the prospects desire and …

How To Maximize 100% Of Your Market

Tonight’s call is out-of-this world amazing!! Dani shares secrets about how she built her business learn specific steps that she took to make 1 million dollars in less than two years! Topics Include: Where does most of your income come from and how to maximize it! What is the biggest mistake that Dani sees people make, and how it could …

Specific Strategies To Make More Money In Less Time

Tonight Dani talks about how to make more money in less time. She will show a specific technique of how to maximize the time you are putting into your business. Dani has 12 different areas where you can use this to accelerate your business and become more profitable starting today!

Secrets To Building Rapport

Tonight Dani tells you secrets to building rapport, increasing trust and gaining the confidence of others. This call hits the core of your everyday business and everything in it. You cannot miss this call!    

Day 6: Successful Presentations

Part 2 of the 5 week series covering the critical 5 steps of building a successful home based networking business. Tonight’s call was on step #2 – Successful Presentations! Here are some details: Topics include: What the purpose of the presentation is, what it is not. 7 different types of business presentations. Tips for web presentation success. Tips regarding using …

Secrets On Building A Retail Business And More!

Topics include: First, recap on last weeks goal call and a quick shot in the arm from Dani. Making 2005 your best year ever. Dealing with discouragement. How to get out of your situation. 4 keys to foundation of building a retail business. Tapping into the warm market goldmine. 4 tips to market and expose your products. Ideas for conversation …

How To Generate New Business And MORE!

Subjects: Action mode is what makes you money: How to get your check to grow in the next 90 days. How to generate new business and growth. How to get to the new people, how to approach them, and different examples of how to invite them to take a look depending on whether you use home presentations,1on1 presentations, audio tapes, …

How To Get 9 Out Of 10 To Show Up For Your Presentations & More!

Personal coaching info What repetitive activities Dani did to attain success How to stay organized Business plan for a new person Working cold leads How to get 9 out of 10 to show up/take a look at your presentation Plus… there’s a personal testimony on here of someone who’s gotten 60 new people in her business since attending Dani’s seminar …