Quick Start Training


Follow These Simple Steps for Profits Within Just 7 Days!

Follow these “Quick Start” steps for FAST GROWTH, MINIMAL STRESS and MAXIMUM PROFITS in your home based business. This formula has been proven to create profits quick for new members and experienced business developers alike! Once you complete them yourself, make it a point to put at least 1 new person through these same steps every single day!

Step 1:

If you haven’t done so yet, watch these Dani Johnson VIDEOS (opens new window) ASAP. This will show you the power of this simple system to build 6 and 7 figure earners.

Step 2:

Grab your calendar. Schedule 1.5 hours a day for the next 30 days to listen to Home Business Bootcamp audios.

This is a critical step and our most successful clients and leaders have experienced dramatic results from this simple commitment of reconditioning and equipping yourself for success. Don’t take it lightly, going through every day of the 30 Day Bootcamp without missing a day is VERY powerful!

Step 3:

Listen to the first 3 Days of the 30 Day Bootcamp (Quick Start Training Call #1) ASAP!

Check your email daily for your next Bootcamp Audio. Look for [Bootcamp] in the subject line.

These calls have been proven to help you get a fast start in your business and show you how to put money in your pocket and become profitable in just 7 days! It will show you the pitfalls to avoid and expose you to some of Dani’s insights and secrets from years of 7 figure experience in the home business industry.

Step 4:

Introduce at least 7 people to SmarterNetworker’s FREE 30 Day Boot Camp offer in the next 7 days so they can also get access to professional training from Dani Johnson.

Don’t underestimate the power of this step and the training on this site! Dani has a profound impact on people with the ability to motivate them into action TO WORK WITH YOU very quickly!

This will start to DUPLICATE in your business, no matter what product or service you are selling – you will see greater results and momentum by partnering with Dani for your professional training, support and “hands-on” equipping towards a 6 and 7 figure home based business!

PRO Yearly Members, remember to sign up for the affiliate program in you Pro Members Only page to grab your affiliate link and start making some money! Not a PRO Yearly Member yet? Start Today.

Step 5:

Enroll in the next LIVE Dani Johnson Home Business Entrepreneurs Workshop seminar immediately before it sells out!

PRO Yearly Member? Your Next Step…

Continue to plug into the SmarterNetworker training system daily AND, plug other prospects, customers and reps on your team into the system daily. Do this, and your business will grow to become VERY successful! Don’t believe us? Just watch the testimonials here!

A special note from the CEO:
Please DO NOT make the mistake of letting skepticism get in the way of IMMEDIATELY following each step (in order) listed above. I’ve personally witnessed too many of our clients over the past many years follow these exact same simple steps and completely turn their financial lives around. We truly want to see the same happen for you, but you’ve got to follow the system. Don’t let the fact that this site is free deceive you in its value and the results it creates. We know that if you use it, you will get the results your looking for, guaranteed!

Hans Johnson
CEO, Call To Freedom International, SmarterNetworker.com