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From: Hans Johnson, CEO DaniJohnson.com
No. California, USA

To: MLM’ers, Network Marketers and Home Business Entrepreneurs:

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Can I Let You In On A Little Secret?

You see, there are 2 skills that are critical, essential, absolutely core to the success of your business. If you master these 2 skills, then you can literally write your own ticket to financial freedom working from home.

In fact, master these 2 skills and you will literally have within you, the ability to produce 6 figure results in ANY company, product or marketing opportunity you are working with. You will never again be concerned about your company going out of business, or losing your sales organization to your competition – because you’ll know that you can build it all again any place, any time.

If you are a home based entrepreneur, whether you realize it or not, the life or death of your business depends on your ability to prospect and close like a pro. Recruiting is the lifeblood of your business. Master it, and you’ll be generating levels of income and success many only dream of. Fail to master these 2 core skill sets, and your business is DOOMED to a SLOW DEATH of anemic sales volume with associates that suck your time but produce no results.

If you’ve spent any amount of time searching for solid, pro level prospecting and closing training, you’ve probably noticed there are a lot of good ideas out there, and some good sounding theory’s – but there is VERY LITTLE hands-on, step by step, “do this”, “say that”, type of coaching and training that delivers results from a seasoned veteran who has a track record of developing others into 6 and 7 figure earners.

On October 2nd, in Dallas, TX – a very special and exclusive “closed door” event was held with a select group of home business entrepreneurs and Million-Dollar-Producer and Industry Success Trainer Dani Johnson to train, equip, trouble shoot and interactively develop their prospecting and closing skills to a level of professionalism that most never attain, even after years in the direct sales industry. In this FULL day private training, Dani revealed and demonstrated her simple, proven and duplicatable Prospecting and Closing system that made her a personal fortune in Network Marketing.

Closed-Door Event Sold Out In Just 9 Days!

There was such a high demand to gain access to this event that it was completely sold out in 9 days from just one email announcement through our private members list!

Many who couldn’t get a ticket before it sold out, stood eagerly waiting outside the door the morning of the event, hoping they could gain access by persuading one of the attendees to sell their ticket to them. They wanted to hear this training so desperately – they just HAD TO HAVE IT!

What happened at this event was completely amazing. doubt those who attended really could have anticipated the intensity, passion and high level of specific hands-on coaching that they received from Dani that day. I know they didn’t expect the dramatic results and turn around that they experienced in their business and personal income after leaving the event. I mean, come one… how often does a training, seminar or workshop really live up to the “hype” and “promises” that were promoted? But this one did. In fact, those who attended are still talking about it today!

This whole event was captured live on both audio and video. And now YOU can get access to this advanced training that benefited so many others!

SmarterNetworker.com presents…

Prospect and Close YOUR WAY TO

Video & Audio Training Program!

Listen to a KILLER 10-minute excerpt of this training here!
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If you just listened to the audio excerpt above, you can clearly see the kind of high level, intense coaching in this program from Dani. This premier video & audio training series is one of a kind. There is no other video & audio training program of its kind that even comes close to covering home business prospecting and closing in so much detail, addressing every conceivable variable with solutions, answers and examples that create real world results. Through this 7 CD training with Dani, you will experience a huge increase in your prospecting and closing ratios. You will literally feel like you are there live being coached by Dani. If you doubt this… just read the testimonials on this page.


Warning… Training Program Is Intense,
NOT For Faint At Heart!

Now I must warn you, this is not a basic level training and if you do not have Dani Johnson’s Prospecting And Closing Script Book, you will be at a disadvantage to say the least. However, if you want that next level of training, answers to your questions and high level intense coaching that Dani is known for delivering – then this video & audio training program is going to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Dani Johnson has spent tens of thousands of dollars in her personal education and years of time developing and refining her proven prospecting and closing system. She personally went from homeless with $2.03 to her name, with a $35,000 debt living out of the back of her car, to millions in just two years using the very same techniques that she now teaches you in this video & audio training program. Everything that Dani teaches she applies… you won’t find any fluff or puff theory from Dani. She gives you the nuts and bolts training you’ve been searching for packed with straight to the gut, no excuses motivation to get out there and apply it! This Training is INTENSE and absolutely NOTHING is held back!

Imagine For Just A Moment What Mastering The Art Of Prospecting And Closing Could Mean To Your Business!

I mean think about it. Think about what your closing ratios could be? Think about what your confidence and posture would be like? Think about the higher level, more committed, higher quality people you would start attracting into your business?

If you could have all of this, what kind of weekly and monthly bonus checks you would start seeing? ow long would it take you to hit a 6 figure income and even higher? How much faster could you reach your financial goals by learning and mastering these skills?

I can tell you, not very long with Dani Johnson’s proven training system! You see some of our clients who have been exposed to this kind of training and equipping have gone from absolutely dismal failure to hitting levels of success so fast – it has made their heads spin!

For those of you who still aren’t sure if this is the training that you NEED to reach and exceed your goals for your business, then have a look and…

Listen to our audio samples of the training contained on each of these 7CD’s:

CD 1: 10 Keys To Success

Listen to a Sample Audio Clip

Here’s just some of what’s covered on CD #1!

  • Dani teaches 10 proven success strategies that will launch your business into success greater than you’ve ever imagined!
  • How to use the skills that you have so you do not lose what you have been given
  • Learn how to control your income, no matter what company, product or service you are involved with!
  • How to create better results and grow your business to the next level every single month!
  • How to build your confidence in your business, with the qualities that you already have, and how to use those qualities to the best of your ability
  • “It’s not what you say, it’s… how you say it”, learn what this actually means and how to finally master non verbal body language!
  • How to overcome your fear of people and explode your business in the process
  • How to develop the attitude of a business developer and create long lasting relationships for you and your team
  • Learn why personal development is the key to success and how to speed up your own growth process!
  • Learn how to get out of your own way and why this will create increased cash flow for you and your business
  • Learn the skill set that created 18,000 dollars in just 45 days part time, 250, 000 in one year and 1 million dollars the second year!

CD 2: Prospecting 1

Listen to a Sample Audio Clip

Here’s just some of what’s covered on CD #2!

  • Live roll play examples with Dani
  • Exactly how to approach your warm, cold, and lukewarm markets properly
  • Learn how to create eager want in your prospect that will have them asking you to sign up.
  • How to handle any objection with ease no matter what the objection may be!
  • Learn how to build a dynamic sales force that is effortlessly duplicatable?
  • Learn an ADVANCED skill that you MUST have in prospecting and closing. This skill is a MUST in training and developing a sales force that will produce million dollar results!
  • Learn a simple way to get your new recruits duplicating your efforts and making money right away
  • How to recruit out of your customer base and be successful at it
  • How to make more money being yourself and why it pays more than trying to be like someone else
  • How to attract more committed, higher quality people into your business
  • How to instantly make friends and build trust with anyone you talk to!

CD 3: Prospecting 2

Listen to a Sample Audio Clip

Here’s just some of what’s covered on CD #3!

  • Live roll play examples with Dani
  • How to handle immediate objections.
  • How to build rapport with your prospect, even when you don’t share the same interests
  • How to carry a conversation with any personality type
  • What questions to ask to control the conversation
  • Learn specific trade secrets that will change the way you prospect and increase your closing ratios to brand new levels!
  • How to get your prospect talking about themselves and not about you!
  • Learn exact techniques for leaving voicemail messages and watch your closing ratios increase dramatically
  • How to establish long term business relationships
  • How to master the art of situational prospecting
  • How to get your prospects to call you back and sign up without even know what the product is

Even if this is all that you had access to, the value content would be worth 10x what this program sells for.

Imagine having Dani available to motivate, inspire and equip you to your maximum potential – all at your finger tips!

But we’re just getting started… we’re not even half way there yet! There is so much more training on these CD’s. Here’s more of what you will learn from this training program…

CD 4: Closing 1

Listen to a Sample Audio Clip

Here’s just some of what’s covered on CD #4!

  • Live roll play examples with Dani
  • How to qualify objections and make your prospect feel valuable
  • Learn what causes objections almost 100% of the time, how to handle them and how to get your prospect to move forward with your opportunity
  • How to develop the skill to handle objections
  • How to handle excuses so you can see increased CASH FLOW!
  • How to create urgency in your prospect that will inspire them to close themselves
  • How to close orders with ease, no matter what type of prospect you are recruiting
  • How to discover what the #1 biggest thing your prospect cares about is
  • How to outsell your competition without any technical knowledge of your product
  • How to close using a 2 step process like a recorded message or video presentation
  • Tips for enhancing the effectiveness of your recorded message presentation

CD 5: Closing 2

Listen to a Sample Audio Clip

Here’s just some of what’s covered on CD #5!

  • Live roll play examples with Dani
  • Closing – learn the foundation and core skills that make up the difference between a pro and an amateur
  • How to deal with more common objections!
  • Learn how to create eager want in your prospect and get them making a check right away to keep them motivated
  • Why you shouldn’t use yourself as an example in any circumstance!
  • How to get people to talk about themselves and tell you exactly how to sell and close them
  • How to control and direct any conversation
  • How to turn your customers into distributors
  • How to start an effective follow-up call conversation that leads to results and referrals
  • How to approach and close your prospects after a recorded call presentation
  • How to handle the “Is this sales?” question with ease every time!
  • How to get over your fear of rejection and close your prospects with confidence
  • How to effortlessly close 90% of your prospects just by changing your attitude
  • Overcoming very specific closing objections such as “I don’t have the time” and “I don’t have the money”

CD 6: Closing 3 & Open Q&A

Listen to a Sample Audio Clip

Here’s just some of what’s covered on CD #6!

  • Live roll play examples with Dani
  • How to get stubborn people to want to join your business
  • How to prospect and close a close friend without causing conflict in the relationship
  • How to remove the pressure of prospecting and closing a close friend
  • How to not be intimidated by some who is already successful, such as doctors or lawyers and present your opportunity to them just as you would anyone else.
  • How to get over your own issues and prevent your prospects from walking all over you
  • Learn a scripted message that will get your prospect to call you back every time, no matter what your opportunity!
  • Learn how to place your new recruit in the right position in your company and why this is so important!
  • How to quickly duplicate your efforts
  • How to remove the trouble prospect from your group presentation gently and continue your presentation without any hiccups!
  • How to close the prospect that is “on the fence”
  • How to not jump to conclusions when your prospect says something that you share the same interest in, but may not be the nugget you were looking for

And if that’s not enough, Dani will also give you some last minute strategies that will blow your socks off! Check this out…

CD 7: Final Strategies

Listen to a Sample Audio Clip

Here’s just some of what’s covered on CD #7!

  • After you learn how to close your prospects and get them started then what do you do? Dani tells you how
  • How to keep the focus on others and not on you
  • How to gain more confidence in yourself and in your business
  • 2 major skills that you must know to continue growth for you and your business
  • Where do I go from here and what do I do with this?
  • How to find and develop leadership in your business
  • How to train your new recruits with ease and watch the stress and worry of training them fly right out the window
  • Strategies for training your new recruits properly and efficiently
  • How to keep your people motivated and producing results
  • How to duplicate your efforts, what to do after you sponsor them into your opportunity
  • How to place your new recruit into the right position for them… who they are, what they do and what you are supposed to do with them
  • How to expect things to be worth it, not just to be easy
  • How to not allow circumstances determine how you feel about yourself, how you feel about others or how you look at your future

There are even MORE strategies, tips, techniques and coaching on these audios that we just don’t have room to mention here!

Could This Program Really Show You Exactly How To…

Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions?

By now you may be wondering how much this program is going to cost you. I don’t blame you if you are. In the early days of my business, I was once with absolutely no money and even put many of my educational and business expenses on credit cards just to learn some things that didn’t even work…

For LESS Than You Think!

We are literally placing in your hands all the Prospecting and Closing secrets that Dani has personally used (and that she trains her closest private coaching clients to use) to pull in multiple 6 and 7 figures in their home businesses in a step-by-step easy to understand format that anyone could simply model and duplicate in their own opportunity.

Considering the returns on your investment for a training program like this, a price of $997 would not be unreasonable and it will also eliminate all the ‘tire kickers’ and identify the real serious business builders. You’d easily spend that much to attend this event live, if it were even available.

But instead, we are opening the vault on this information for less than one fifth that price. Yes you can have this priceless 7 CD video & audio training program for just $297! That’s less than the cost of a couple tanks of gas that you just burned off over the past month!

We’ll Take 100% Of The Risk!

I know we have made some bold claims on this site, but we have the documented case studies on file to prove it! And we put our money where our mouth is! You show us the desire and we’ll take on the risk!

So here’s the challenge, if you’re ready to accept it.

Order this program, use it, and listen to it for 30 days, everyday. If you don’t see your personal prospecting and closing numbers increase substantially and watch your confidence and your posture advance dramatically then we absolutely insist that you call our office and demand a full refund.

You see at DaniJohnson.com we really, truly are not interested in your money. Honestly, we don’t need it. Our desire is to see you succeed to your full God given potential! And if our training programs don’t give you the results you’re looking for, you should not do business with us… plain and simple!

So, you really have nothing to lose. Either this program delivers everything I’ve told you here and your prospecting and closing ratios go through the roof and you join the elite few in the direct sales industry who can create a 6 figure income on demand… or it doesn’t and you get your money back. It’s just that simple.

The Best Part Is…
You Won’t Have To Wait Weeks Or Months To See Results!

This training WILL directly impact your business immediately when you listen. You will immediately think differently and feel differently about yourself and your opportunity! You WILL break through your barriers and get over your fears and excuses!

Plus, if you order right now, you’ll get our special introductory price and save over $100!

Regular Price $399 Now Only $297 USD

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Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk–Free and Fully Guaranteed!

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May God bless and prosper you and your business!

signature hans Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions

Hans T. Johnson
CEO – DaniJohnson.com

P.S. We’ve already received a tremendous amount of success testimonials from the tips and techniques that Dani Johnson taught in this million dollar workshop and we look forward to hearing yours too! Don’t put this off, remember you have absolutely nothing to lose, this training program is 100% guaranteed to deliver results and turn you into a prospecting and closing pro!

P.S.S. Please remember that although you’re “stealing” this video & audio training program for just $297 it’s worth sooo much more. Some of us, after YEARS in the industry, could only dream we had this kind of no-holds-barred, specific how-to training available in the early days of our careers. So, by purchasing you agree to treat these strategies, tips and secret techniques like you would treat them if you paid a full $997 – deal?

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