9 Leadership Skills That Enhance Your Personality

Charisma! We’ve all met someone who has it, who can, though the sheer force of their voice, their personality — or their leadership skills — simply draw people closer and make them feel good about themselves.

Now, some may say that being a people magnet is something you’re born with. But Dani Johnson wants you to understand that you can learn how to become the person in the room people are naturally drawn to. These skills can be taught!

How can you learn, then? Well, you’ll want to start off with Dani’s instructive, important strategy call, “9 Leadership Skills That Enhance Your Personality.” On this strategy call, you’ll learn important skills, like:

    • How to be the No. 1 referred name on the lips of everyone in your field
    • How to hire the help you need to keep your business simple
    • How to make up your mind that quitting is not an option for you!
    • How your attitude can affect your results
    • And more!

“How do you make the experience that clients have with you so profound that they are compelled to tell everyone they know about your services?” Dani asks. One answer is to start by listening to this call! Whether you’re a doctor, or run a hair salon, or just want to know how to command the attention of co-workers and family, you will not want to miss this strategy call!

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  2. i have heard about this and i did want to be part of this but am limited because am writing from africa,Nigeria.i will really love to be part of this what do i do?

  3. Dani, I appreciate that you do these calls and training and really enjoy the information and thank you. One thing though could you please improve the sound quality, it is garbled in some areas sort of like you are holding the phone too close.
    thanks Dani, I appreciate you.

  4. Dear Dani I want you to know when i saw you on tv last week I was really drawn to you. There was a scene where you were crying and you said your daughter had two aneurisms. I was at home cying also. I was very sick and went to the hospital two times befoe they told me i had three anuerisms. They rushed me to another hospital where the dr. did a crainatomy and cliped my aneurisms a 10 hour surgery and 30% chance I would survive. I was in the hospital for 6 weeks. most of the time I was out of it. Another dr did 4 avms on me and I also had radiaton. It will be 1 to 3 years before they can tell if the radiation worked on my lesion. now I have memory problems and my husband gave up on me and my son took over. That was the scariest thing ive been through. I hope your daughter is doing well. I would like to go to your seminar in pittsburgh but my memory is not good now. I will pray for your daughter and myself. I now must work on getting my son through school. He is my main concern right now. He is keeping me going. If I can do this for him and make him happy I hope to be happy also. May you and your family always be happy and healthy.

  5. I just listened to this audio and it is excellent. I will be listening to it again and applying the strategies outlined. Thanks for the great content!

  6. Dani, you hit Another Grand Slam with this Tape………..it was as if you were looking in on my business…… You’re Training System is truly a Blessing to us All !!!

    G’d Bless,

  7. I did kicked my but for waiting one whole year to literaly take action and moved my body to Dani`s live event… the live event does not compare to the helpful tools on the website!! It is worth it !!

  8. I look forward to these live changing lessons. I have been practicing many of the rapport methodology suggestions that I have learned from Dani’s Unlimited Success series.

    I am in awe of how I am stepping out of my comfort zone as a results of being under these teachings.

  9. What a great reminder of the importance of whom you surround yourself with. Dani said, “Find people who have what you want and do what they do! Birds of a feather flock together.” Also, when Dani said,” You cannot make a halfhearted commitment and expect to get wholehearted results. People want to follow people who are committed, who have a wholehearted work ethic and work with a spirit of excellence in everything they do!” She also shared a great nugget for new people about the importance of not speaking death to you business, “if I don’t see results by such and such a time….” She encourages everyone to make up your mind that you’re going to do this. That Quitting is not an option! Great reminders Dani, Thanks!

  10. Hi Dani
    Thank you so much for making these calls free!!! wow I am so very grateful to be able to listen to you. I found out about you for the first time on TBN about 3weeks ago. I have already ordered your Spirit Driven Success book and am so looking forward to receiving it in the mail. Then I find out that I can listen to you online?! thats an answer to prayer! lol thats like God providing an answer way before I even ask! And I am sure to thousands of other people who are willing to rise up and be teachable. God is truly awesome to have raised you up for a time like this and I am grateful and very priviledged to be alive for a time like this. I am looking forward to attending the First Steps to Success seminar in the near future. May God continue to bless you and your family!

  11. Dani,
    I can not wait to get going on steps 5-8. I will keep you posted on my success. I am working on making a way to get the North Carolina CDs as well as get to First Steps for Success! I just found your website and have been devouring everything on the site that is FREE, I am plugged into Work at Home Profit Zone, The Spiritual Training, your calls, I just received your Script book and I am Highlighting it and memorizing your face-to-face script as you suggested! I have listened to the Two Free CDs that came with the book and downloaded the scripts, I have listened to your Conquering the Financial Kingdom with my children. I watched and taped you on the Benny Hinn Show this past week of February 4th -8th and purchased your book Spirit Driven Success that way. As well as had my 10 year old son, Mason, ask me to “wait until he got home from school” to watch the taping of that show! I did watch it the first time with my oldest son, 20 year old in MAJOR DEBT, Logan, and he learned to get rid of the FAT and put a few things on line to help lower his debt! YEAH! I am a BIG, BIG FAN as you can tell! I have been searching for SOMEONE to TRAIN ME TO GROW TO BE THE PROFESSIONAL GOD WANTS ME TO BE and through Prayer and searching websites of my current and FINAL company I found your site—I do believe the LORD brought me to you so that I can GROW and be on HIS power team!!!
    Thank you Dani I am working to bring my self, husband, & sons to your Steps to Success as I want US ALL TO GROW and Learn from you!
    I forwarded your site to so many people and I PRAY they take the time to look at it and Grow and Help their organizations as well.
    God Bless you Dani and Hans and Family.

  12. Good stuff Dani. I’ve been working today to get my act together to make yet another attempt to convert my “hobby” into a business. I am praying to break through the fear barrier to talking to people. Your call is an important summary that helps put together all I have heard from you at first steps and my library of your CDs and DVDs into a simple plan. This is the year.

    Bless you,


  13. As always, amazing Dani! I have been making a list of specific things that I told God I needed to have dealt with this weekend in Atlanta. I guess He got to you early so I could get some things off the list before I got there. Now I can just add more! You covered 9 things on the list tonight!!!!! Thanks for always being open to the spirit and for blessing us with all that you have learned and done! Can’t wait to see how He will use you for the answers to the rest of my big long list!!!! I can’t wait to be there with you and your team this weekend!

  14. I came across Dani a few days ago and have been listening to everyting on here 24 hours a day since then…I immediately registered for the First Steps to Succeess…I was prepared to beg if it was booked, pay just to put my ear to the door….I will be staying with a friend that I havent seen in 4 years so this is even bringing me to visit a dear friend! I am so grateful that I have been led to hear someone so powerful to TEACH me finally how to actually run my home business. I read the transcript for the prospecting script last night, for the first time I was excited to get out of bed and get on the PHONE! I got through 5 more “talks” in one session than the day before (well several days before as I was never motivated to call on a daily basis) It is unreal….and I am so overjoyed at the thought of what I will learn in person in Atlanta. ROCK ON!!!

  15. Dani I saw you on TBN today! I really enjoyed watching you. I am not yet able to attend a seminar, maybe if you come closer(INDY?)I am new to net work marketing, but I am not new to being passionate about my Savior!

    Blessed because of HIM
    aka- the caffeinated turtle

  16. Mandee!!! I always smile when people send Dani a message like “haven’t been to First step..maybe if you come closer..” The reason I do beacuse I see myself in you!!! I was the same person for 4 months….I was asking the same question over and over again!!!
    My life has changed in a HUGE way since I walked through the door to my first seminar with Dani Johnson!
    People sell cars, jewlery to get to her seminar! There is a reason why God has led you to Dani Johnson. OBEY!!!!!

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