Create Massive Momentum In Your Business Over The Next 90 Days

Tonight learn where your focus should be to create massive momentum in your business over the next 90 days. Dani will teach you what multi-millionaires know and what makes them money!

Topics Include:

  • How this time of year is crucial to your business growth and what you need to do
  • Learn how one person made $70,000 of sales volume in one month
  • Are you spending your time on things that will make you money or things that will not?
  • What you can do to secure a huge paycheck in June, July and August?
  • Which market to be working this month for maximum profit?
  • What type of “bank account” you need to be using daily?
  • Learn what “I need you” mode is and how to free yourself from it
  • Which information to put in front of your people to have them earning money FAST!
  • What questions that you can ask to have your prospects to close themselves
  • How you can shave years off your path to success
  • What you might be stalling on that millionaires are jumping head first into


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  1. Dear Dani,
    I apologize if this is the incorrect forum for this. First of all, I am brand new to your training and I have to say that you are an absolute angel of strength and love sent my our God himself. I really believe that I am with the greatest company with the greatest opportunity. However, there is a spirit of fear that I do not know how to get rid of and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of it and become the champion that I really believe God wants me to be. But I need your help. I feel a strength in you and I am desperate to get your advice. Someday, I will be one of the greatest recruiters and spirits of inspiration to mankind. I have no doubt about this. I thank you in advance for your help, advice, and prayers. God Bless. Robert

  2. I enjoyed the ride…

    Your website looks so much more professional and organized now! Very nice job.

    I will soon put into practice what I learned and still learning. I am trying to find one person who may enter the business having myself buying the product from them (meaning no monthly cost for them except advertising) and still can’t find any. Does this blow your mind? I guess I still lack the skills, although I am definitely not begging, since my financial situation is fine now (for at least another half a year). My sponsor threw at me some leads though. That blows my mind for a change. I have no excuse, but to practice now. Hopefully I will see some results. I will let you know.

    RE: The First Steps event
    If you organize The First Steps for Singles I’ll come-:)


  3. We got so much from this call. Most of all, it is up to us to “become the story”. Thank you for giving us the tools and skills to be able to do this.

  4. Dani, Thank you so very much for you expierence, your honesty, and your openess. I gained priceless knowledge and understanding. You are a true inspiration.

  5. Great call, Dani, I wished I had know about you years ago, when I first got involved in my network marketing business. But, thank God that I heard about you now. Won’t be able to go to Los Angeles, but certainly want to take “First Steps” the next time it comes up. I love my business, but I have been wondering for a long time, why I am not able to ride the big waves. Awesome!!

  6. Chalk up another awesome call! Having prospects on them makes my business a lot more fun and simple. It’s so easy to complicate things before you even realize you’re doing it.

    Looking forward to the open line call and 1st Steps.

    PS Dani, you had me laughing so hard when you talked about how you’re going to get hate mail for using the word suck. Let me help you. Go to…..

  7. Dani, Thank you for a very information call, and your examples of the waves interesting, constant learning new stuff from you cds and from the calls. I listen to the calls off the website, and your passion is contagious in ways. Looking for to hearing you in LA and achieving even more results to building myself stronger in my business.

  8. What an awesome call. It has everything we need to become outstandingly successful. Can’t wait until First Steps in Los Angeles. Great great call.

  9. You are my God answered prayer! I was praying for a mentor who walks according to God’s rules to coach me and I was lead to you. Thank you Dani! I was blown away by your teachings, totally blown away. I wish you would come to my country. I am in sales adn am looking forward to starting my business with a truly professional system.

  10. Dani, your CD’s have inspired me beyond belief and I am enrolled and coming to LA. I send my success line to your website and have them listen to the calls in the audio vault. I am skeptical, however, to send a new person to the Monday night call and here is why. Your tone…as in your screaming…is unprofessional. It sounds awful and feels even worse. I understand that we all get excited at times and that you are passionate about what you do. Yet the screaming is such a turn-off…especially with the disclaimer…that I force myself to stay on the line to find the ‘nuggets’ in your message. You are professional in every way…in your dress, your clarity and your confidence…yet I cannot think of one person who is motivated by screaming. Is this something that you are willing to modify?

  11. Man what an excellent call! Because of you I finally have the courage to approach my warm market. I have a bank of names and I am putting it to work! So far I have gotten 5 referrals today alone. Who would have know that I have interested people in my own back yard! Thank you so much Dani and I look forward to many many more of your calls!!! I plan to have my team on these calls every time!

  12. To be accountable, JP you asked me to be on the Monday night calls when you gave me a courtesy call. I was on the call tonight. I have the calls scheduled in my daily planner.
    My office desk is not completely organized….this month is not the month to get it done. I must focus on results using valuable, productive business time. I’ve got a steep learning curve ahead. Thanks for all the prayers, I’ll need everyone of them to “get it done”. Thank you Dani for your most precious asset, your time. Bernie Kim

  13. SURF’S UP!!! Thanks for the reminder to get in the OCEAN where the water is fine. I’m not about to miss the wave after that CALL.

  14. I was able to listen to 2 hours of Dani tonight. She is definitely annointed! I am one of those that is overwhelmed by fear. I need to rebuke Satan continually. I am registered for LA and very frightened, as Hans mentioned he was for his first lst Step seminar. I have to make this work. At 59 nobody wants to hire me. Plus I have Primary Progressive MS which adds to the job search problem. This home business has to work. It is an answer to prayer. It would give me flexibility, needed money, more opportunities, etc. I am praying that God will show me where I am not surrendering to Him. I want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and that should provide more boldness for career and church work. I’ve prayed for 3 years for the Holy Spirit with evidence in speaking in tongues but nothing yet. I’m looking forward to your Saturday evening spiritual study as well. Hopefully I will come home a changed person! We can not continue to use our credit card to make ends meet and our retirement savings to keep the card at a more manageable level. Dani, I am nervous but expecting. It has to work for me!
    God Bless all the efforts you put forth. I look forward to your training seminar.

  15. I enjoyed the session on the phone with you Mrs. Johnson, you have motivated me to want to get my business started up very soon, and become the third person in your scenario. I hope that I would be able to join more of your conference calls, so that I can gain more knowledge and understanding. Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity.

  16. Loved the call tonight. Many pearls of wisdom. Only one little piece of constructive criticism; You should try to use an outline format. As in, your 5 main sections (1 thru 5) should have sub-sections lettered A,B,C,D etc. When you combine the fast paced speaking and sidebars then getting back on track, new Dani-ites could get lost with all of those numbers.
    Oh, and yes, I’m an Emerald

  17. Dani,

    Be as yourself as you want to be! Your passion gets hold of the very thing I find lacking and yanks it out of its hiding place. Tonight, you helped me face why as a newbie my February did not produce the results I planned, and it all had to do with my focus on ALL the marketing opportunities. I am registered at First Steps LA and KNOW all the rest of what is needed will be cleaned out as well…weights I don’t need that don’t produce success for myself and others. This kind of ‘weight loss’ I can use!!!
    -Bill Alley
    Norwich Ct

  18. Wow. So much energy. I am registered for First Steps To Success in LA. That will be my firs event with Dani. I am sooo excited. I had to giggle at sucks. I don’t like that word at all. Thanks. See you soon.

  19. After listening to your call tonite I don’t have to convince myself that going to LA will be worth it! We registered last week. Thanks for coming out of retirement! God continues to bless us through you, Dani!

  20. Thank you Dani for your amazing wisdom, insight, expertise and ability to clearly explain your keys to success! It is a blessing to be able to learn from you. One the biggest takeaways from tonight’s call was when you said “your results will tell you if you have a professional approach”. Wow, that sums it all up for me, end of story.

  21. Hi Dani – Thanks so much for all the helpful info – wish we could attend your First Steps on the 17th and 18th but we’ve already made all our plans for a seminar in Orlando on the same dates. Can’t wait to find out when your next seminar is so we can plan our trip and yes, we’re ready to ride the big wave – God Bless you and all you do! Bev and Rob Dore

  22. Thank Dani that was very inspiring call, I learned a great deal tonight and i will focuss for the nent 90 days so I can rided the big cahuna…………..Jake…

  23. Wow – a double blessing tonight. From a tearful powerful Spiritual Equipping Call to a dynamic focus call. I was ready to register for First Steps and I’m already going. I want to catch the wave now and bring a team with me. What an awesome example you set for the rest of us. Thank God for these calls.
    God Bless,

  24. Tonights call was absolutely awesome!! I didn’t feel like I could write fast enough. There was so much valuable information packed into 60 minutes it was unbelieveable!! I cannot wait until it is posted so I can listen again. Looking foward to next Monday’s call already!!

  25. Awesome call as always!! Thank you, Dani, for always being in tune with exactly what we need to hear.

    This call is for anyone who is even THINKING of building a business–even if you haven’t started one yet.

    Oh, and by the way, one of the many things I love about Dani is her ability to make real life analogies for our business. Surfing? I’m ready to ride!!!

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