Discover the Secrets of the 90 Day Cycle

On this broadcast, Dani exposes what the 4 phases of your business are. Including what part of the 90-day cycle makes you the most money and how to avoid the pitfalls of management mode. Listen to discover the biggest secret to building big and fast today!

Topics Include:

  • How to build long lasting loyalty in your group and with your customers
  • Exactly how to double your effectiveness in prospecting
  • Master this script to warm up your Warm market to your business
  • How the MLM industry is related to the NFL
  • Is your check lower than you want it to be? Use this simple method to find out why, and how to fix it.
  • Use this script when leaving a voicemail message to increase your calls back
  • What to do when people ask "is this multi-level marketing" or "is this network marketing?"
  • Why focusing on "helping your people" can be wrong and how to REALLY help your people
  • How to motivate your new people to get the training they need to succeed
  • And MORE!


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  1. Hi Dani,
    Last nights seminar was awesome, the one nugget that I received as a take home message was building repore at a greater and deeper level. What I realized is that with some people (not all of them) when they have not completed assignments or just go busy and did not actively work the business me attitude toward them was somewhat cold or maybe a little distant. At other times it was just the opposite with some people (the initial repore was never broken). So I must be consistant in the repore building.
    Also, I recognize that I must give more recognition even for the smallest things done, and not just major (how much business did they write this week or month) things.

    The role playing was key for anyone listening.
    Thank a million
    D. Petrov
    New York

  2. The training was really helpful as it compliments my pampered chef business that focuses on recruiting and and building new customers through calls. I can see that personal contact through calls is the best way to build my business, and the 4 phases is really inspiring and I can see how it can impact my business.

  3. Hi Dani
    You are so wonderful! Thank You! for all you do! You are so Blessed and I have listened to all of you information. i have been in network marketing for 3 years and still trying to make some money. I have been to 1 first step to succes and wish i could attend more. I wish Gods blessings on you forever!

    In Gods Love
    AL Farnam

  4. Hi,
    How can I use the tone of the script book in leaving internet ads. I have heard you (Dani) do not like to use the internet. I have had some luck posting ads as a way to generate free leads. I wanted to know if there was a way to use the script or any ideas in internet ads or print ads?

  5. October 13, 2008

    You are so blessed. And I am amazed that you can share what you have so well. Thank you for all you do, & God bless you.


    Ed Pantera

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