How To Build A Distributorship/Home Business

Subjects: How to build a distributorship/home business

  • Job description
  • How to build a successful business
  • Most duplicatable simple and effective system you can use to get new customers and reps
  • What your focus should be when you start new customers/reps
  • How to build for an event
  • Success testimonial
  • And more!


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  1. Dear Dani,
    I’m so excited I heard about this site. I’ve been in my home business (reliv) for 7 months now and I’m not where I know I can be. I’m with a product that requires follow up with people to make sure they’re using it properly and to encourage them. This requires time and can be very frustrating,especially when they won’t let you follow up, which usually means they won’t use the product properly. Anyway, how can I build this successfully, make follow up calls and still make prospect call? Can I build my business with cold calls? Last, but most important, my husband is working like a horse to get us out of debt, I really want to pay for some training. Do you recommend going into more debt for the training?
    Esther in CA

  2. Dear Hans and Dani,

    GOD’S WORD and Financial Success…POWERFUL!
    It will defeat GIANTS and move MOUNTAINS!!!
    Not to mention what it will do in every other area of our lives!

    Thank you SO MUCH for being that “LIGHT” in darkness –
    sharing TRUTH to the masses!

    God’s richest of blessings to you and your family,

    Linda Heffner

  3. I am so excited, I just ordered my first set of cds live and my script book. I so thankful the the Spirit Of God Lead me to do this and gave me the finances to do it. I can’t wait to be in my very 1st seminar with all u wonderful people. Dani my prayers are with u in ur family, and may the Holy Spirit Keep during ur time of recovery.

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