How To Create Sales Volume And Leadership

This call answers the question: “How to create sales volume and leadership out of thin air, even when you’ve been working all month long and haven’t signed anyone up yet?”

  • Are you as passionate about your success as I am committed to teaching you?
  • Whatever it is that is hindering you – break through – A life without limits – An excitement for life – being what you were born to be (excited, focused, courageous, adventurous)
  • #1 most common question Dani gets: How do I build it fast?
  • Do you know where you’re going in 2004?
  • How to get over your excuses
  • How to get past your attitude
  • How persistence grows success
  • Why you need to get to know your prospects
  • Who are the most persistent people in your circle, and what to do with them
  • Do you know anyone with persistence, tenacity, eagerness, and passion
  • The more skill you have, the more value you have in the marketplace
  • What is the best investment you can make to grow your business now
  • How do you determine your skill level and raise it
  • How to grow as much as you can grow – everlasting growth
  • How your skill level determines your value in the marketplace
  • The worst thing about success is a little bit
  • What causes you to become unteachable and how it affects your check
  • Why being teachable is the best place to be
  • Why you should keep yourself eager always
  • How to followup with the “no’s” to create thousands of dollars in volume at the end of the month
  • Exact verbiage for follow up script
  • How to motivate the people that reject your opportunity
  • How to make your worst month your BEST month
  • How to quadruple your volume in the last days of the month
  • How to paint the vision and picture for people
  • How to turn one prospect into 20 distributors
  • If there is not active new blood in the business, it will die
  • How to motivate your existing sales force
  • How to increase your income to six figures in one year
  • How to make your summer HOT
  • Why you should put your head down and focus during the summer months
  • If you want a giant increase in sales bring new people to Florida seminar
  • How ten pennies a day can find you prospects
  • Questions from callers and more!

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  1. It’s all fine for a business that creates volume by matrix, etc…but what about businesses that are pure retail? Yes, I do get commission but only at first level and then second when director…help

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t get to understand all of it , because english is not my first language so this kind of info kind of leaves me behind.

  3. I love this call. Can’t get enough of it! Dani you are loved by millions around the world! You help people put food on the table for their family with this information. We love you!

  4. ok still my favorite call. i wrote this down word for word. i loved sharing it again last night. best BEST BEST call ever.

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