How To Make More Money Without Sacrificing Your Life

Tonight Dani answers questions that members have sent in from a variety of topics including: prospecting, cold calling leads, how to generate prospects, talking to your warm market, what to say in a short presentation, and so much more! This information will help you grow your business faster and bigger!

Topics Include:

  • How to make an incredible amount of money without sacrificing your life
  • What does the marketplace pay for and where to get it
  • How to simplify your current business model to make more money in less time
  • Where to go to increase your closing ratio to 90%!
  • How you can improve the percentage of people that return your call
  • What is the "Friends First" concept and how to use it
  • A voicemail script to use for prospects to get them to call you back
  • What is the best way to generate prospects?
  • How to stand out from the rest of the industry and make millions
  • What is your prospect loyal to. And it’s not your products!
  • How do you get friends and family to look at your business?
  • Where to go to take your business to the next level and increase your check today!

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  1. Hi my name is Dianne Bradley, I have been listening to the testiomals and I can hardley believe the things I am hearing. I am 59 yrs old and just lost my job which I was earing 50k a year. I had just srarter my own MLM business in May. I thought loosing my job must have been a blessing to get me out of my car 12hrs a day. I have had 5 wrecks and felt after the last one it was time to get out of all the traffic. I thought this would be so easy but it is not.I have about $250,000 in debt and I am scared to death of loosing everything I have worked all my life for.I have ordered the script book and I can`t wait to get it. I hope the training will help me with the confidence I need to be successful. I also need help with leads .I just need HELP!!!! THANKS Dianne

  2. Thank you Dani for your obedience to the Good Lord and expertise, just recently was told about yourself and your training, we appreciate it.

  3. Again dani, thanks for all the training it really is awesome. I have been involved
    in network marketing for a while now, and some of the other companies that i am
    involved with will not put this much effort in helping a person to achieve their goals
    again many thanks.

  4. Dani teaches you how to say and do the right thing the first time. If you haven’t been to First Steps to Success you need to go to pull everything that she is teaching together. It is a life changing experience. Every Monday night call is a reinforcement of that training. You need to stay plugged in to the system.

  5. Like all the others, this call is priceless!! It’s so easy for a new person, to the industry, to get caught in the trap of all the questions about network marketing. That’s why your teaching of focusing on the person, is so huge. Because all of a sudden, we are no longer sales people, we are “transformation specialist!!!!!” If we’re doing it right!! Once you learn it’s all about who people can lead you to, it takes the stress off, of whether that person says yes or no. Thank you Dani for being the teacher that you are!

  6. Thanks Dani for the great message.
    Have heard of you more that a year ago. Never really commit to work this business
    professionally. Its more a hobby until I found my teenaged son listening to you and
    working his business your way. I was very impressed. Hope that you could
    hold your training in Singapore in the near future.
    Looking forward to meeting you.
    Thanks and God bless

  7. Dani- I am still in the getting the money together stage of getting my business started, and luckily i was told about your site to start learning techniques, etc. and it has been absolutly fantastic to have these tools at my fingertips. God Bless you and your husband for this gift to all of us “Newbies”!! This call was so eye-opening, it all made so much sense!! I will be using your knowledge for ever!! Thank You Again, and God Bless

    Donna Conry

  8. Great call Dani!
    I listen to you an hour a day and I’m telling other people to do the same!
    Thank you for caring so much about me and my future!

    Pamela Bullock

  9. Thank you Dani. I have just begun listening to these. I am so glad that my friend thought enough of me to direct me to your website.

  10. Dani, thank you for your prayer and for once again bringing important seeds of knowledge to all in our industry. It’s great that mentioned the ugliness of people attempting to degrade someone else’s company to promote their own. That’s extremely unprofessional and I’ve actually seen it go to the point of immaturity! Thank you for sharing your testimony and strategies with us. I listen to your CDs in the car so much, my daughters are going to be MASTER recruiters when they get a little older!

  11. Dani, This information is priceless! I am growing so much simply because of your calls and CD’s. I have the Script book and the North Carolina CD’s. I now enjoy recruiting because I am learning what I must do to become successful and it is all because of God opening my ears and you filling them with rock solid training. I am fairly new at Network Marketing and this information is incredible! Gosd Bless you and Hans.


  12. I really enjoyed the call made on Sept 24th. I’m new! However, I will most certainly be back. I wanted to say that free info like this means the world to me. I want to thank you~ Troy Francis

  13. WOW, Dani! Just your enthusiasm on this call incites me to just jabber away to everyone! I am SO following everything that you teach…I have purchased the North Carolina CDs, and have learned so much from them. I know for a fact that my business is going to soar…it already has, and I am just getting started!

    Bless you for everything that you “give”! I will continue to follow!

  14. Great Monday call. I fall into those who have been trying to get this to work for many years. I have tried every method and script known to man. My first try with your method produced immediate results. I look forward using as many of your tools as possible. I have memorized all the Hopkins closes and used them for many years. I have always felt that it left the client with questions about being minipulated and used. I think your direct approach and professing that “I don’t know” is so freeing. Thanks again for all that you do!

  15. Thank you soooo much for your calls. May the Lord bless you for your generosity. In todays world it is unheard of. No one gives away for free! But, Dani, you do and I cannot thank you enough! Sandra Miles

  16. WOW! Trememdous amount of needed information. I’m 62 years old, about to retire from the ministry, just started in the bussiness AND I am so impressed by Dani’s approach to getting people to help me make the sale for me.

  17. Thanks for this training call on the internet. I work nights at a job and cannot be on the call.
    Just getting starting at my new venture on a budget as a single mom working full time at a job. I desire to quit so I can work my business into my full time career to make a better life for my family. I bless you and I Bless You for the goodness of God at work in you now.

  18. Hi: Danni:
    I thoroughly enjoyed your call this week. I am making preparation to try to come to your 1st steps to success. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  19. Dani….it was a great training call. As a result of you’re experience, you are able to cover things that many people wouldn’t even think about! I’ve worked as a part time and full time networker over the last 20 years and I have never seen anyone present these methods or ideas like you have. Incredible! “Obviously” there is a huge need for your training. HELLO!! Those who don’t know about or don’t access your training are doing themselves and their organizations an injustice. There are so many parts working synergistically in this machine to make for a smooth and quicker ride to our destination and although one tip or strategy can be used to increase our success ratios, all the tips and strategies working together create success at every stage of the game. There’s no sense having a prospect call back due to a real good voice message left only to drop the ball once he/she is on the phone. Your training covers every part of the process. Thanks! Kerry Kormos, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

  20. What I am so glad you touched on in this call Dani is the fact that you should not degrade another company when presenting. Talking negative about another company to pump your company is something that I am used to hearing. Because of some great teachers like Dani Johnson speaking out against those type of tactics, now when I hear it from people in this industry I become annoyed. It’s just so unprofessional to me. It does no one any good. Thanks for your message Dani.

  21. I really enjoy your calls, but tonight really hit home in many areas. I am just starting out in the business and was unsure how to prospect. I have the script book and other scripts and comfort phrases from my upline, but I was unsure if and/or how to modify the scripts. I was afraid I would modify and say something wrong or deviate from the system and preventing duplicating the system. Tonight you reassured that I could leave certain things out of the script if I have not experienced that aspect, also how to present without sound like a typical network marketer. The best part was how to present to family and friends I have been struggling with that one for a long time and you reassured to use the script about helping me out with something. Ok I am going to stop right there. Thanks for your help!!!! God Bless You!!


  23. Dani you are absolutely AMAZING!!! Every audio training you do I always walk away with something New!! Thank you for all you do for all of us! You ROCK!! God Bless!

  24. Dani continues in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of this amazing industry we are in. Thank you Dani for helping all of us!

  25. Dani, your recorded calls have inspired me to make a new beginning so this year (2008) is the beginning of the rest of my life. I will no longer sit in rear seat of my life. Thanks for your continuous education in this business.

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