How To Re-Position Yourself For Success

On this call, Dani will tell you what you should be doing that will change the course of your business for the rest of the year! Do you know how to make money? Learn from a multimillionaire EXACTLY what to do this month. Be sure to send at least ten people to this call by the end of the day and watch your income take off!

Topics Include:

  • EXACTLY where to focus your attention in the next 30 days to capitalize your potential and blow out your check
  • Are you wasting time because you are lacking skill? Find out how to get the skills you need to save time and make more money
  • Where to learn how to increase your show-up and closing ratios in 1 day!
  • Specific strategies you can use to remove the limit on your income today
  • Where is the fortune and how you can get it!
  • Why you want to raise up people that are more successful than you and how it can make you unusually successful
  • What you can do in the next few weeks that will increase your income to the next level – learn the secret that 98% miss.
  • Are you a hobbyist or a professional? Which one earns you more?
  • 3 things you can take advantage of right now that can increase your skills in the next 30 days
  • Highlighters and a new journal… find out where these things can earn you money
  • what you can learn in 5 days that will significantly increase your value in the marketplace
  • How to work less hours and quadruple your income!


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  1. To Those Discouraged, [Trish and myself, to start]-

    Pause,… take a few very deep breaths,… … create from your spirit… ….and send out ….positive …energy. Feel,.. be,,.. think,.. live,. everything good and positive,… because that is what you are… there is only good unless we believe [and therefore create] otherwise.

    We are on the verge of a whole new life!!!…. All of our dreams are transforming into here and now…. believe it and you/we are TRULY there.

    [I will not share or discuss the negativity in my experience right now, because I do not want IT to rub of and grow on you. but I absolutely relate!]

    Last … from a dear friend and another great spirit…practice and share this :

    Be Joyful and Lighthearted in everything……..see the humor…LAUGH!

    If you are focusing with these good thoughts, and pure, sweet, happy vibration…. you have already begun to feel the great momentum…

    .I feel it! Don’t you? Stay with it , … NEVER, Never give up.

    Thank you to everyone for your inspiration (especially Trish and Dani)



  2. I was having a tough time at prospecting today and I decided to listnen to Dani’s latest Monday night call online. I immediately grabbed my notepad and pen and took a seat as I realized that this was a divine appointment like she said. I was so impressed by the contents of the call I had to hit reverse over and over to make sure I di’nt miss a word. Are you kidding me, this call is worth hundreds of dollars. The content was just what I needed to hear and after listning to this call I booked someone for my next presentation and i was surprised at how confident and assured I sounded. I thought the summer months were going to be slow, so I would slow down, Dani taught me today that it’s the opposite. Now I’m pumped up and ready for action. I had the privilage to see Dani live in Baltimore this pass April and I saw someone who love God with a passion and love us and really care about our success. Think about it, when was the last time someone said, let me show you what you’re doing that’s not working and try this, this will help. I feel blessed today after hearing her call and for those of you who read this and have’nt been to First Steps yet, I encourage you as a sister in the Faith to put all your excuses aside and get registered. I had to use our rent money to go there and we did so with no regrets. Now the change has not only affected me, but my entire household. Dani with much love and thanks to you for all you do….and I know you are not on trial.

  3. This was an awesome call and more importantly, I learned a lot from it. I am committed to replace my job income this year, to be a six-figure income earner next year and be a millionear within 5 years! Thanks so much for your faith, encouragement and teaching Technics. God has trully empowered you to empower people.

    God bless
    Carey and Slina Hiscock

  4. Even though I’m listening to this cal a week late I will be going to the profit zone and find out as much as I can with where I’m at – as I don’t want to be ‘where I’m at’ next year at this time. My intentions are to be better so I must put forth the effort starting here. I enjoyed reading the comments and am encouraged to continue on.
    Thank you,

  5. Awesome as always Dani…Trish..i have known about Dani for about 2 years now..havent made money, but i know how to thanks to ive even been to first steps and a pic of Dani and I hangs on my living room wall right above my computer. ive been depressed for 27 years now, funny cause im a strong christian. started in my teens. the thing is i dont listen to Dani every week but something told me to listen to this call before it goes to the vault. that was God. He has been telling me to “work it” for a while now but ive written the book on excuses lol..well i now realize its time to act, ive waited long enough. just make the calls, learn about your business and keep plugging in to dani, something will click..she is incredible…God Bless you…and the whole Dani team too…

  6. All I know is that I’m tired of being broke all the time, with never enough money to pay bills or get anything we might just want! I’ve been working 2 different home based businesses for a year now and no success, and being employed as a dishwasher now…….a dishwasher! If it takes my listening to Dani Johnson every day for 30 days, then buying whatever marketing tools I need to buy, then that’s what I’m going to do! I would like to attend her First Steps to Success in June, and have mentioned it to a good friend of mine about us going together so we can both learn and profit from upgrading all of our skills, so that’s something I’ve given to God to work out, and if it’s truly meant for me to attend then that’s what will happen.
    I want to thank Dani Johnson and everyone in her organization so much to allowing her website to be free where anyone and everyone can learn!
    Sheryl Rhodes

  7. Thanks in getting me excited in a light of life. Jenny from Hawaii in paradise but can’t enjoy it cause tied to a job. Going to focus in making money. Thank for your profit zone.

  8. I am so excited to have access to this information. I am excited about the
    changes in my life that I know will happen because of the skills I will acquire
    because of Dani Johnson. I have made a commitment to do what ever it takes to make it happen and I am excited about everything that I have heard in my first call today.

    Thanks! Dani
    Kathy Breaux

  9. I really like Dani training, which one should I go. My company I work with is cheaper and I’m very new in this business. I have tried a few before and non of them were working for me.
    Listen to Dani do not quit. I’m sorry I missed the Baltimore training it was close to where I live. Thank you Dani hope to meet you some day – Phan Le

  10. I strongly believe that the world has to change, and I mean all of us. Even Dani is not perfect, right? Sorry, I am not an ass kisser-:). I am far from being perfect, but I am honest and I admit it. The best state of mind is a PEACE OF MIND, although it is not easy to get there.

    I just lost a job I really liked (in a way feel relieved, since I felt like an insulted prisoner for the past two months thanks to my bosses). A few months ago I offered a few people to sign to my business and told them I will pay autoship for one of them. I have found no one interested. I could still do that for Trish for a few months despite the fact that I just lost my job and have my own challenges, but I will have employment insurance for a few months in the worst case scenario. I believe I will find another job or succeed in business. I somehow still have this optimistic nature to get up and fight again, even I keep falling for 17 years. I almost paid my student loans and I am not afraid of debts, although I believe life will turn around.
    But Trish what I believe in, the help of others will get you out for a while, but you still need to learn how to take care of yourself. But I agree with you on some issues and I am a person of action. I am offering you a specific help. Dani is helping you too, trust me. Listen to her calls multiple times and focus on them differently. If Dani choses to post it, we may exchange contact info with her help.

    I can’t imaging living in States with no health insurance etc. I know that people don’t see a doctor when they need to if they don’t have the money. Maybe Virginia Tech tragedy could be avoided if this young man got a proper medical care. Maybe not, but who knows. I don’t know how, but I believe we all have to find a way to become stronger and more powerful and change this fricken world for the better, once and for all. We desperately need doctors and access to them. I am so lucky to be living in Canada. There are good people out there, I got thousands of dollars worth of medication from docs over the past few years (samples). Insurance companies and real estate giants are controlling most these days. There must be a way to stop it.


    “You are not a sum of your failures and mistakes, you are the sum of God’s love for you and your potential” (I may not remember exact words, but the meaning is right)
    -Pope Jean Paul II

    I believe that our potential is so huge, we just have to tap to it. If the door closes find a window. Trust me, I am going through a normal roller coaster of despair, depression etc right now, but I know succumbing to it will not help, will only drag me down more.

    I have just listened to Dani’s call re FAITH (the last one) and it really helped me. Thank you. I believe in miracles (always was) and I believe in the impossible.

  11. Trish, An alternative to going to the seminar and paying for a seat and travel cost is to purchase the North Caroline CD’s. I was at the Baltimore Seminar in April 2007. The CD’s cover the same ground as the seminar. The only differents is that you don’t have all the sense involved because Dani is not in front of you. I personal think she does not like Canadians. Just my feeling. She was professional enough. Hope this helps.
    Toronto, Canada

  12. Awesome call Dani. I love the fact that “The power of Attraction” lead me to your training and it is helping me tremendously!!! I purchased your “Dynamic Duplication” series on DVD, The Script Book, and The 10 Cd’s of your seminar “Live in North Carolina” just this past week alone!!! I’m hooked and implementing what you teach into my business and I know I am going to double my income this year!!! Your income definately follows your Personal growth and I’m GREEN!

  13. This was a first time call for me and I feel better today than I did yesterday. I truely believe this is for me I’m just trying to position myself with it. The call was great for me I learned alot and look forward to learning alot more

  14. Trish, all I know is that last year when I didn’t have any money, my doctor bills were mounting, I wasn’t sure who was going to take care of my three kids, I was dying of Cancer and about to leave this world behind and someone told me – look you just need to get there somehow someway. It will change your life. I sold about $900 worth of stuff laying around the house on ebay and split the hotel room with four other ladies. When I got to First Steps last november in chicago, God delivered me and Dani’s techniques got me through major stuff both personally and in business. I came home and made $10,000 after not making any for a year. I was also healed of Cancer and no one can figure out why. All I know is she is amazing. Love you Dani – Kimberley Blue

  15. If you are feeling disappointed, disgruntled and desparate, BELIEVE ME, you are RIGHT where God wants you. You are primed and in need of a big life direction change. If you receive what Dani teaches you in this call and in all of her other calls, training cd’s etc., I guarantee the lid will be blown off of your thinking, you will finally overcome those giants and things will begin to turn around. Listen to this call again and again and something will convict you… God Bless.

  16. Prior to finding, I was a young single mother of two toddlers, at a job that I’d gone up about as far as I could go without college education, making just over the maximum to receive government benefits but not enough to cover just the necessessities, no support from their father, living in indecent housing. I had been in my business and failing for two years when my mentor referred me to this site. I began listening to the free audio calls for 8 hours a day M-F and at least 4 hours on Sat-Sun. I applied what I learned and closed 2 clients in half and hour which usually took me a month or two to do! That more than paid for the Script Book. Then I used the Script Book and was able to purchase the NC cds. I applied what I learned on my job at that time and got promoted twice within 6 months, then I took another offer from another employer who chased ME for 6 months! Then I waited 6 months for someone to go to First Steps with me. No one did. I decided I would not let my future ride on whether or not someone else would come with me. It cost me $1,000 total that I did not have to get to Missouri in October 2005. I did not pay my car note that had just come due that week, car insurance over that weekend, and the childcare was due the Monday I came back. After leaving my first seminar, I was able to pay all those bills in less than 3 weeks and by the time I went to my next seminar I had paid off $1,300! I have since paid off thousands in debt, have built up a team using the training system that is now duplicating and after a foolish break I’m committing to continuously plug into the live events.

    If anyone is thinking about going to First Steps in Washington–DON’T THINK, JUST GO! If you don’t have the money, you never will! FIND A WAY! STEP OUT ON FAITH AND THE WAY WILL BE MADE!

    And if you’ve graduated from First Steps to Success and are qualified to go to Creating a Dynasty and haven’t registered yet–what’s your problem? You’ve seen the results! I’ll be there because I’m positioning myself for success and my business will EXPLODE, will yours?

  17. I too KNOW WHAT BROKE MEANS! Dani is great and as she says…”Your Income Will be in direct proportion to your personal growth! This a marathon not a sprint! Have you listened to the free call in the audio vault?

  18. To TRISHA: I am sad for you… that you are so sad and discouraged. Life can suck and the cards that are dealt really can be bad…but you know what? Only you have the trump card. Only you can decide when you are going to play it. I’m sure you have at many times tried to throw it down and knew that this was its going to happen..and it didn’t. I can hear that in you and I don’t even know you. Dani is not in one hour going to magically clap and deliver most of what you need to start your awesome business, but Dani is going to teach little by little many nuggets to help your game grow and grow. Choose your path…what are you willing to do and give? Keep your mothers ring…. and buy a bigger one for the other finger next year after you GET what Dani helps you discover about TRISH! How are you going to get the money to go to the seminar or get the money to start a business? A new fresh attitude does not cost one copper cent. That’s all you need to start your dynasty. It was my first time call as well and I wrote down 4 pages! Girl, it is a mind set…I am a single mom, I have 7 kids, left an abusive marriage, no education, no job skill, I stayed hope 10 years and was beaten down to believing I could only be a preschool-cook for the rest of my life making peanuts per hour, down in the dumps, I had so many pitiful tears, no money, child support wasn’t being paid, had some food stamps, had a lot of rightful anger, I was in a hole and couldn’t get out for anything…waiting for someone to help pull me out as I was trying to crawl out, I spent a lot of time trying to strategically map out on how I was going to stay poor enough so I could use all these wonderful government services, blah blah blah blab blah! Enough of that “poor me” mentality! I do not want to teach that nasty lifestyle to my babies..not a single 1 of them! Look out..I have a job to do. God gave us all beautiful creative minds and a freewill! We all have experiences and we all are capable of doing so much beyond what we limit ourselves on doing…hmmm..I do recall Dani mentioning that in the call. Stay calm and unleash and do not be frustrated NO MORE! Because that is limiting you and making you tired today. How are you going to work this summer when you are tired?…everyone else will be sleeping and on vacation loosing money! It would be so much easier if we could go the the store to buy what we ‘inside’ need to be successful…but that would never develop the qualities waiting inside of you and me..that we don’t even know we had..! Keep the chin up …the time is coming for you…Believe in yourself keep listening to Dani for free and soon you will be at the seminars…you will start to vibrate differently so you will attract different opportunities to become successful soon! It all starts with you!

  19. Just WOW…..
    To those who have the eyes to see and ears to hear, and are willing to GET OVER their excuses and cynicism, and really GO FORWARD with their life,
    I can’t imagine why else a stay at home mom with 11 children, a deployed spouse and over $85,000 in debt with not a penny to spare would be continuing to invest in her education (over 15 live events) if it was not KICKING OUT RESULTS! Our lives… as well as the 100’s of people we have put in front of the training are forever changed!
    For the first time Dani my husband has hope, not only in defending the American Dream….but actually living it! Thanks for all you have done in our lives!
    Monica Tubbs

  20. Magnificent exposition of mentoring mastery!! Listening with my heart, as Dani spoke, it seemed as if I could feel the exuberant passionate enthusiasm of Jesus Christ coming through every word spoken in and by the power of the Holy Spirit!! This ‘success’ call is like a classic model of the truth and the heart within Dani Johnson. Faith comes by hearing the vision spoken. Listen clearly and you will see the vision Dani expresses. Blessings upon you and the entire team, in His name!!

  21. I too am I a disability income and am ready to get off of it because of the skills
    I learned from Dani Johnson. There are 30 hours of free training. I listen every
    day. I then got the script book. Then I got the North Carolina tapes. Then
    I got prospect and close your way to millions. Why do I tell you this. Results.
    I just paid off $31,000 worth of debt. I got to First Steps to Success. Know I
    am on my way to Dynasty. Complaining and whining does not get you to believe
    that this year is the year to get it done – to step out and take a risk of being
    financially stable. I am learning how to use time management and honor my
    business. I am not unique. You can do this step by step. May you prosper
    like so many of us….

  22. its kinda a curious with the fact that money is an excuse, however in reality money is very important especailly when there isn’t enough money to build the business. This is a great seminar.

    will be listening in the future. good night and will be starting this process this summer.

    Since i will have lots of time on my hands.

    Wanda Paul

  23. Thank you for the invaluable tips on tonight’s call ‘Dani’!! I’m filled with twice the energy that I had before I got on the call!

    I’m listening to ” Prospecting: How to do it, and how to do it better”!! Next I’m on my way to sign up for a pro membership. Step by step, I AM building my business!!

    It’s a joy and honor to receive your knowledge and guidance. I look forward to attending the seminar in Washington next month!!

    Many blessings to you and your family!!

    Matthew Stonewell Guilbault

  24. P.S.
    I took less than a page-and-a half of notes. They come down to:
    1. Position is everything: timing is right to go to Dani’s seminars
    2. Put your focus on finding a way.
    3. Skills are everything…as I’ve always said (and I didn’t need to spend an hour on the phone to know), you can only go as far as your teaching or learned skills.
    4. June, July and August, people are in vacation mode=good time to be working. Oct. Nov. and Dec. next time to be working , esp. after being able to learn the skills from Dani’s two classes.
    5. 98% of people are hobiests, and 2% are serious entepreneurs.

    Well, I sure you won’t be posting my comments! Thanks for all the help. And by the way, I’ve been through the 7 steps of your coaching. Seems like you’re willing to give enough information to get the fire smoking, but nothing substantial to burn without money. It’s not that I don’t want the training, it’s not wanting to part with my mother’s ring (if I could even find someone to buy it so I could go) for a no guarantee thing. My car is about to be repossed. My husband is paying Peter to pay Paul, and we’re 1.5 years behind on our property taxes. I’m supposed to try to sell a product I’ve never been able to try, ’cause I do NOT have any money to buy in at any level…and come up with the money to get to Seattle (which is where I came to Wisconsin from ten years ago, and my son still lives there whom I have not been able to see since he was 17) to go to a seminar. Life is a gas. I know so many people that could benefit, but they’ve been the gammit of seminars and don’t believe me when I tell them your’s is different. I have no credability, no skills, no money, I’m losing my confidence, and maybe my connection here as a very BIG storm is about to hit us!
    God bless you anyway. I know you will continue to prosper. You’ve got it going on!

  25. Dear Trish,
    Don’t be disapointed, the concepts you are learning from the secret will tell you that you have to sow some seed to reap a crop. In Dani’s story her first seminar was over 1000. and did not include hotel or airfare. The how is not up to you, just make up in your mind that you are going to go to first steps and God will supply the how. Just listen to the ideas that come into your mind and then act right away.

    Your break through is just around the corner. I believe in you, Trish!!

  26. I hadn’t realized how my ‘invisible cap’ had changed over the last 2 weeks, by plugging in, increasing my skill. Tonight’s call helped me re-evaluate my ‘cap’ and learn how to strategically position myself for this 2nd season. Awesome call, once again! THANK YOU!!!

  27. Awesome call, Dani! Talk to you on the prospecting and closing calls! You are so inspirational! Thanks!
    Rosie Gutierrez

  28. Are you kidding? Do you remember what it was like to be broke? To have NO MONEY? Can you imagine living on a husband’s $688 in Social Security each money for over a year, with bills accumulating at $800 each month from when I got a permanent job and lost it?
    This whole call was about promoting Positioning is Everything…to get to your seminars in different states, and at a three-hundred dollar plus cost, not to mention the cost of getting there! I am so dissapointed for this being my first call! I needed help in selling. Am I supposed to have picked up how you build suspense and drag it out getting people excited about what they have no freaking money to get? I am just TRYING to get started. I’ve done sales on and off for years, and never successfully. Obviously my skills suck, even though people say I’m good at it, I know the reality from my income! I’ve been reading The Secret, and believing something will snap into place to make it to Seattle, but you really were no help tonight. I JUST got my books to study real estate today. The broker is willing to finance me through my training and getting started, and I told her about your web site, very excited from what I’d heard, but I’m glad I didn’t direct her to this call tonight. It was nothing more than a self-promotion call. I had hoped for something more. I’m so dissapointed I could cry.

  29. Like WHOW!!!
    There was a break through in my fatigue. Like ZAP!!! I wrote everything she said…..AND I really got the message about POSITION IS EVERYTHING. I have attended 2 FS & 2 C a Dyn already, yet this statement Dani focused on penetrated/pierced my heart. GOD IS POSITIONING ME…or I would not be on the call. I am a remanant 2 %er, and see the yearly momentum cycles (for the first time) for operating a successful business…no more head in the sand!!! MONEY IS THE ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. God is good…Hallelujah for God’s word…The Bible. Everything about how to live is written there.

  30. Great call that gave us many wonderful, workable ideas. You are the greatest, Dani. Thanks for all you do for us. Carol Rankin

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