The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Closing (Part 2)

In Part 1 of The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Closing, we covered three of the most common mistakes people make when they get to the closing questions. Having a successful business (whether you are in any type of sales profession, business building activity, getting new accounts, closing business deals, or making executive decisions) requires that you avoid common mistakes in closing that prevent your prospect from taking their next step, whether it is purchasing your product, signing up in your business opportunity, or hiring you or your company. In this article I’ll show you how to cut through the excuses and keep your prospect focused on their needs, strengths and goals. You will also discover the importance of sticking to a script so you don’t come off as a slimy salesperson. Here are a few more common mistakes and how to avoid them. My goal is to have you close like a professional with the right posture and authority so that it becomes effortless and fun. Let’s continue on…

Mistake #4: After The Presentation Is Done, You Take Your Prospects Out Of Their Seats And Bring Them To The Product Demonstration Table.

A well designed presentation attacks the prospect’s excuses, handles their objections and prepares them to be closed. Your job is to keep the prospect where they are, and read the closing questions in your script. The last thing you want to do is ask, “Do you have any questions or would you like to think about it?” Of course, if you offer them an easy way out, they’ll take it. Many of you want to direct prospects to more information which just gives them more to think about. Unless the information is strategic and part of your process, the only thing prospects should be thinking about is what they need to do next to get started in your business.

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Mistake #5: You Believe The Prospect’s Lies And Excuses

For example, when a person says, “I don’t have the money, I don’t have the time or I need to think about it”, you actually believe it and empathize with them. These excuses are really objections that are rooted in fear. If you let them stay afraid, you are hurting their children’s future. Without the chance your business opportunity provides for a better future, these prospects will most likely stay in the same rut or get worse. It is your moral obligation to help them get out of that fearful position and take control over their financial and lifestyle future now. We all know that, if their life depended on it, the prospects could come up with a way to get started today.

While many of you will give up on people who have all of these excuses and circumstances, I get excited because I see them as the next great testimony. There are thousands of people with worse situations that have gone on to succeed in business. There is no greater excitement than being a part of someone going from dire straights to great success. When you can see the potential of their whole life being changed, it is easy to pick up the phone and call the next person on your list.

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Mistake #6: You Don’t Stick To The Script

When you are using a proven closing script like the one my clients have been using successfully for the last four years, don’t change anything. Scripts designed by professionals with a proven track record are well thought out and well tested. When you start thinking, “I’m just not comfortable with question #6 or I need to add this and take away that”, you are only hurting yourself. The scripts are not on trial but your results are. If you want your results to change then you’ve got to be teachable and follow the proven system. The system works and the scripts are duplicatable. Scripts are not designed to make you sound good; they are designed to create duplication. Would you rather have a residual income so that you feel good or would you rather sound good and make no money?

Mistake #7: You Read The Script Like A Slick, Slimy, Snake Oil, Selfish Salesperson.

So many people feel like they have to turn on some radio broadcaster persona to effectively “sell” their business opportunity or product. Is that how you talk to your best friend? Be yourself instead of trying to be someone you are not supposed to be. You are the best at being you. You are comfortable being you and other people will be comfortable with you being you.

Avoiding these common mistakes in closing will help you reach a professional level of income much faster. You are closer than you think to becoming a master closer so keep working on your skills and watch your income grow! In Part 3 of The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Closing, you will gain the necessary closing posture to treat rejection like water off a duck’s back. You will also know what to say to turn objections into sales and so much more!

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  1. Thank-you for being there for me. My getting appointments has not been my problem it has been in closing and what you have shared has given me more confidence in being myself. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed in all I receive but I know it is beneficial to my success.Thank-you again and I will continue daily to learn from you as I receive your emails.Your one of the best.

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Dani, you’re the best!!!! I’m going to avoid those mistakes like the plague. I hope I can get the first part. I’m going to close better, and when I get the script book in my hands, then it’s going to be heaven on earth.
    Thanks a lot. You’re always inspiring to me.
    Love you.

  3. Thanki you Thank you Dani Johnson. I read the 7 Habits that make people fail and truly was amazed at the common sense approach. I have been fearful of failure and not standing on GOD’s word. Today I started the process of changing that FEAR into FAITH. I reinstated my real estate license. I am also standing on FAITH to start a home based business in selling natural health supplements. Thank you Dani, and I am looking forward to more insightful tips on how to be successful.

    With Much Love

    Lenora Grant

  4. You Should Put All of
    Your CD and DVDs in Spanish
    I am a part of the MDE LATINO –which is the largest group in American in Amway

    Thanks. Let me know

    Clyde Day —-Albuquerque, New Mexico

    1. I second Clyde Day…WE NEED THIS MATERIAL IN SPANISH!!!
      My Mary Kay future biz partners would benefit sooooo much of this. Come on girl, you are part Nicaraguan, aren’t you? (I know…that doesn’t mean you speak Spanish, but is worthed asking 🙂

  5. Wow thank you . I really believed i was suppose to memarise all the scripts, you have just made me feel a whole lot less scared and inadequate. Im so lookin forward to St Louis.

  6. There are a couple of interesting points that can be summed up in a few words- the first one is intent. I addressess alot of what is discussed here. And remember we are always selling something even if its only ourselves and a sales persons job starts when the client says “No!”

    Not always the easiest pill to swallow.

    Thank you Dani…look forward to the conclusion.

  7. This something that is very “informative”to read first thing in the Morning on a brand new day, just before the start of Business….thank-you very much for your knowlegable & wise
    teachings onto us…keep on keeping on we love it..
    God bless

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