The Essentials Of Faith

Subjects: Faith

  • 2 types of people-one is faithful and one is faithless.
  • Why faith is essential to success in your network marketing business success.
  • What faith does, what is sounds like, and what it looks like.
  • And MORE!

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  1. I so needed this. I am so battling the spirit of poverty as I have lived in it for a while. Being without it is a scary place but needed. This is one of the biggest steps of faith I have ever faced. Thank you for being who God has created you to be and sharing that with the rest of us.

  2. Dani, your words resonated with my faith that I carry with me everyday. I have felt the pain and many set backs but I will continue, fore I will not allow anyone or thing to stop me from my goals to be successful.

    Blessings and Peace,

  3. Dani thank you for delivering again another smash to success. I totally agree you can have faith and walk as we are commanded by our loving savior and watch the impossible blossom into the possible. Or allow unfaithfulness destroy you and your future. I can say in my life since really applying the training I have received here at work at home profit zone I have since an increase ten fold in my life. In my life the training has delivered in all areas professionally, personally and in my walk with Christ. I would encourage all to really allow themselves to be transformed from the inside out because that is what I have personally experienced here. Dani you have truly lived what is taught so there is no excuse, besides excuses are nothing but well planned lies. I will no longer allow my life to be sold short because of not walking in my true calling in Christ. So I recommend this site and all the others from you Dani to anyone I come in contact with if they dont take advantage of it I sorry ti is your loss.
    God Bless you Dani and your family and all the lives I know you have been predestined to touch through Christ.

  4. HI Dani,
    I enjoyed listening about faith. The prayer I was praying this morning was asking what to do an the answer is FAITH!!
    Never stops amazing me how things just come together in perfect time IF we just act in Faith. Thank you for reminding us just how important faith is to act upon in Christ Name. I am planning to see you in the future.
    Cindy (Chehalis,WA.)

  5. Hi Dani

    Thank you for your teachings on Faith. Every bit of it is true, and I feel encouraged but at the same time abit ashamed that I have not been working to my fullest potential the talent that God has given me. I will ask for faith each day and “do my best”. God bles you always. It’s not by accident that I plugged onto your website. I thank God.

  6. Hey Dani! I think you are awesome and my spirit bears witness to your heart, passion and your desire to help others by sharing your FAITH. I know that you have a beautiful and deep relationship to God through Faith in Jesus Christ. You and I know that “HE” is the object of our Faith and that we can do ALL THINGS through CHRIST who strengthens us!
    But how can we teach “Stepping out in FAITH” and “Putting FAITH into action” to those who may not know Jesus? What are they putting their Faith in? Where do they get their “power” from to put “faith” into action. This is very confusing to me. I have people tell me that I may be called to teach/share but I only want to teach “JESUS”, not self help. Could you maybe, as my sister in Christ, PLEASE give me some Wise Counsel! I seem to be a little overly passionate about what is in my heart and all I want is for people to understand the Power in resting in the sufficiency of Jesus,since “HE” is the Author and Finisher of our Faith, but some people receive it as condesending.I thank God for your example as a Strong Women of FAITH!!! You are truly a vessel and a vehicle that our “DADDY” is using to show the world HIS passion for HIS Kids!!! Thanks!! I would go to Chicago in May but, I have not had the chance to do First Steps. I have just recently heard of you and have already thanked my friend for sharing. He has said from the first night we met that I needed to hear you/meet you because he could see a lot of you in me and he thinks you are “The Bomb”. I hope God will arrange the opportunity very soon!!
    Your Sister In Christ (YSIC)
    Renee Boatright (Jacksonville Florida)

  7. Dani Johnson thank you for following your calling and staying and delivering the truth about success in Christ. I cant wait to get to the next first steps to success.
    God Bless all who are here.
    God bless stay strong stay bold in Christ.

  8. OOOH my goodness I need to hear this call on the heels of trying to circumvent the rules. It wasn’t greed but an anger that working so hard has yielded so little. Yes I believe in my God, yes He just brought me through a big Victory and then I fell flat on my face doing something shady. I believe in the integrity of my awesome leadership, I beleive in my products and have had a wellenss experience from a particular product. How did it happen? I guess it’s EGO….get self out of the way. Walking by faith is everything.

  9. This message, as always, is a tremendous message, and a message that reaches out to your listeners with sound Biblical teaching. That is so refreshing to hear.

  10. Its so ausome this call dani . It really help me, faith is my biggest problem because i dont have strong faith sometimes the fear is overwhelmig thank GOD THAT He created you , you are such a blessing to people thank you dani.Please pray for me that my fear will vanish forever. GOD BLESS

  11. Dani,
    Thank you so much for having this in the vault! I am having alot of challenges lately. I had talked to my sister in law yesterday and she was telling me that I needed to get back to church. I have lost the faith in the people in the churches that I have been to; you have turn that around for me!
    Thank you so very much. You just don’t know how much these calls help!!
    Thanks again

  12. I can’t imagine the calls getting any better, but the more I listen the better they are. I am following the program of listening to a call a day for 30 days, but actually I find myself listening to more than one. I love this program and I will be making to the First Steps to Success seminar in March. Thank you Dani

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this call. I have been discouraged with my business but after listening to Dani, I am back on track. I am a Christian and I definitely needed to hear this call. I am doing my best to make the First Steps to Success seminar in Los Angeles March 17th & 18th.

    Thanks Dani!

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