Tips To Help Your Business Run Smoothly

Topics include:

  • How to kick start your month
  • How to manage your time building your business and not make the most common mistakes
  • How to make sure you keep your momentum going so you build on previous months success
  • How to totally duplicate your new associates so they become independent fast and get their first check
  • How to build your business strong and fast using “OJT” (on the job training)
  • How to deal with a prospect or message taker who immediately starts to interrogate you
  • Talking to people from different countries and regions
  • What questions to ask and what information you want to be getting from prospects and what information you should be giving them on the initial contact
  • How to close and get someone started on the initial call to the prospect
  • How to “train” your people at the same time that you stay in phase 1, prospecting mode
  • How to develop leadership and duplicate your team monthly
  • How to train and motivate the masses all at once
  • How to cross over your training time with your “new business” recruiting time
  • How to avoid management mode when your organization really starts to grow and you have 2nd and 3rd level people brining in new people, how to maximize the duplication and minimize the “management” mode
  • How to put your people to work, not just get them started
  • How to look at your “model” and your “process” and determine whether “you” are a limiting factor in the duplication or whether you have a “system” that people can plug into to duplicate your success
  • How to deal with a person who wants all the information first before going to work
  • How to take incoming calls from an advertisement and take control of the conversation
  • Live Q & A and more!

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  1. All the way from the middle east with love to you coming from The Kingdom of Bahrain. What a small world isn’t it?
    Dani, I’m quiting my JOB (Just Over Broke) from Citibank. I’m just so sick of working 12 to 13 hours daily 6 days a week without any overtime. I have recently started my home based business, and the day I quit I will have to depend on my business that I’m building to support me. Back then I was not confident enough about quiting my JOB, but after using your scripts I felt very confident after getting results. You are an exubrant icon, and I would love to meet you one day when I become successful.
    Thank you for serving mankind.

    Love & regards,

    Ahmed Bahman

  2. I appreciate this method of being able to listen to your raining. I also work at a “job”. I am having trouble getting my day
    “mapped” out. But, I will get this done. I will listen to the training and also make every Monday night training with you. You are very inspiring. I would like to be successful. You are very powerful when you talk. People listen.

  3. Hi Dani. You is like a role model to me I like the way you get up in front of big crowds and say exactly what you came there to say. I hope that one day I will get that chance to meet you in person just to see you on stage in action talking to people and telling them what they need to do to better thereselves is really a blessing and its really inspiring me that I can do whatever I put my mind into doing, so thanks alot for all the videos I have been able to see on the internet that you posted on there and I will also like to say you have a good and sturdy head keep up the good work and I hope I can be like you in the future so please help me become successful like you.

  4. Well, Most of it did not apply to me as I cannot get anyone to join my opportunity! I tried to say hello at the beginning of the call, but was unable to, and I tried to ask a question and still unable to!!! Are there buttons on the phone you are supposed to push so that the person leading the talk can see you want to introduce yourself and or ask a question?

  5. I love you Dani..All I can say is WOW!!! Since my husband died in ’07, I have been on my own, no family left in this world, and I sure need your great “THIS IS WHAT YOU DO, AND HOW YOU DO IT”!! I need to go from nothing, to something ASAP! I am trying so very hard, and if it weren’t for your motivational tapes each day, I think I would have given up! Thank-You so very much!!!

    Catherine Klong

  6. Hi Dani. Thank you for everything you do and provide. You have been so Blessed and are Blessing so many other people. I have been so inspired by your training.

    Wishing you more of God’s Blessings,

    Grover LeBlanc

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