What It Takes To Succeed In A Home Business In 2010

Are you ready to learn "What It Takes To Succeed In A Home Business in 2010"?

Is a Home Based Business right for you? What does it really take to succeed as a home based entrepreunuer? Are they legit and can YOU make money? Dani reveals it all in this call; the good, the bad and the ugly of what it really takes to succeed in a home business in 2010 and beyond.

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  1. So, I am new to Dani Johnson’s website. I hear so many wonderful things about her and it appears that so many people have benefitted from her. My question is, does she get you started on a specific area of a home based business or is it that she simply gives you the tools to succeed with whatever avenue someone might choose. Please help, I am so confused.

  2. I am new to Dani Johnson and I am a young college student and a mom. I am eager to start my own business but I don’t know what product or business to get involved in. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you.

  3. I just want to thank Dani For these great information on “what it takes to suceed in Home Business in 2010”. I use to feel rejected when people don’t want my service,it paralyses me and I get really discourage. After listening to “what it take to suceed in Home Business in 2010” my life has change.I’ve been FORMING people, now not afraid of rejection. thanks Dani

  4. For those of you looking for a homebased businesses, look for one that is debt free, can be used in business and personal life, and will make your relationships in your personal life and business life better. You need to leverage your time, especially if you are working a full-time job/business already.


  5. Thanks for always providing people with step by step strategies to help us profit in our businesses and in every part of our lives!!!! This should be a call EVERY person looking to get started in a home-based business should hear. It would help them see if they believe they really have the passion, drive, and desire to start a home-based businss and possibly any business.

    God bless ya’ll for all ya’ll do!!

  6. Incredible as usual! I can’t thank you enough Dani for your practical steps to success! If you haven’t seen Dani live, OMG! Don’t miss your next opportunity! It will truly change your life!

  7. awesome call Dani, glad that someone stepped out and asked about workathomeprofitzone.com as well, and yes, it would be AMAZING how we can step by step be shown how to turn this site into profits for us, thanks for all that you do

  8. Dani’s presentation today got me back on track. I’m beyond desperate and I was becoming down on myself. Thanks Dani for the kick in the pants!

  9. Thank you for the calls , and will there be a
    CD . I would like to buy a copy . When you be comming to Calif again.
    I so enjoyed you on TBN with pastor Benny Hinn
    This call was very helpful for me . this is new field for me.
    24632 Carolyn Ave
    Moreno Valley, Ca 92553

  10. Dear Dani,
    Thank you for your training and inspiration, I live in The Netherlands and had to stand up in the middle of the night,at 03.00 AM, but I wouldn’t miss it. The same will be for tonight “How to build your faith in 2010”.

    Hope you’ll find an chance to come to The Netherlands to give a training.
    Bless you and upir family,

  11. I want to thank you for sharing the awesome Strategic Goal Planning 2010. I am very grateful and wish you Blessings for all you both are doing for the world. This goal planning is going to do wonders for my life and my family. God Bless you! Elena

  12. I tried and tried to get on last night and couldn’t. Two of my associates had the same problem. Will there be a pod cast of this so we can hear it….I really wanted to hear this. So sad…….:(.

    Thanks for all you & your team do!!

  13. Dear Dani,

    I have been trying to connet to your webcast, but failed. Could you help me how to get connected, I am from Singapore.

    Thank you.
    Cheers 🙂
    Rosalyne Kwek

  14. For the last few months we have had some difficulty getting our 3 year old son to take a shower. He was very fearful of the sound of the water and it going over his head. After using the tools from The First Steps to Success and Grooming the next Generation we realized that we were not motivating him with what he liked. After realizing that and making the correction, he went right in took a shower and was very happy after it was done. That was only one day back from the Denver Event. Thanks you Dani

    Nike and Nikki Roach

  15. Thank you Dani! I have been on all of these Wednesday night calls & always take away so much. I appreciate how it seems that you always have a message for me (no matter how many people you are talking to). Thank you also for an incredible, life-changing weekend in Denver! During the weekend, you said you were looking for someone who wants to be a story. Like the caller tonight who asked about dealing with fear, I have never dared to dream or set a goal (especially out loud) because of my fear of failure. But I want goals & dreams & I want to become a story! Since returning home on Monday, I have started to take action. Words cannot express the peace, joy & gratitude I am feeling in all areas of my life. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU!

  16. Dani,
    Thank you SO much for taking the time to do these calls for us. The insights you have gained through your business experiences are a gold mine for me! You are a leader of leaders and I will be that way soon, making a fortune in my own company! I can’t wait to buy your CD set! Thanks again.

  17. Thanks Hans and Dani and team for all your effort and using your God given abilities…..God bless you all
    Hope to catch up with all you people I chatted with on facebook during the broadcast I hope we can be friends…..
    Love from sunny Queensland

  18. Hola Kathy,
    For me as a mother to 7 kiddos (and a hubby who is my oldest kiddo) I could not even imagine fitting in a “home-based” business. With ALL the responsibilities around here I couldn’t fathom how I would fit in somehthing else. Yet, after plugging into Dani Johnson’s training I learned how to get organized, I found the right people who were “like-minded” and ready to plug into Dani! I highly recommend you to seriously (not just listen to Dani—APPLY what you hear) and watch your time increase as well as your boldness increase. Dani is a phenomenal trainer. Wish you the best in your future endeavors =)

  19. Kathy: All I can tell you that I just came back this weekend from my First Steps To Success, and Dani Johnson has a message that the whole world needs to hear! I came back with notes & notes on top of notes on what this woman had to say about all aspects of our lives: our businesses, finances, relationships(especially my relationship w/God) – I was not disappointed! I was truly BLESSED! You will too – plug in now! She has hundreds of free audio/video training, but you have to get to a seminar to be in midst of it all! Also, I don’t believe tonight is about any solicitations from different HBB’s, but rather on who should and shouldn’t be involved in one. Remember, with any business that you start, its going to require some start-up costs…good luck in 2010!

  20. Kathy would to agree with Diane. Have watched Dani’s webcasts, Ordered some of her books and tapes and find her inspirational for my business, my life, my family and most importantly my Spiritual growth. I can’t believe with her help and wisdom you will be able to find help with all your questions

  21. Listen to Dani. She is a very wise woman with a good heart. There are many home businesses that are honest and she can help you to find the right one. I am not here to promote my own business but to encourage you to find one that speaks to your heart! Keep your mind and your heart open and you will find a business that will bring you peace of mind and financial freedom.

  22. Hi Kathy:

    I enjoyed your comment, and the responses. I have a background in mortgage banking, and teaching. I too would like to here about a honest home based business. I am new to Dani, but have been hearing good things for years about her, and I am finally plugging into what she is about.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      I replied to Kathy too, you can see my response. If your interest is peaked, I would love to share with you… respond if you like. I couldn’t feel better aligned to a product and company as this! I encourage you to do your homework as you will want to align as well! Best to you, Alix

    2. Hi Suzanne,

      Like I mentioned to Kathy, I would find a home based business that you can incorporate into your mortgage banking business. That way you are leveraging your time and not trying to build two businesses.


  23. I have a nursing background, am a licensed realestate agent,
    and like to help people. I would like a good income from a home based business, but I hear about so many scams and sceems, where can you find a good paying, honest job that you can do at home without having to pay alot of out-of-pocket money for special training?
    How do you stay focused, ignore distractions and nay sayers,
    and get organized?
    Thank you for all your help.
    Best wishes. Kathy

    1. I would like to send a response to Kathy’s message (because I can definitely relate and have something to share with her), but I was not sure if this response goes right back to Dani Johnson site or directly to Kathy. So.. Kathy if you get this, send me a message back and I’ll reply to you. Hope you’re having a wonderful day. Talk to you soon. Rita

    2. Hi Kathy,

      I hear you! Sounds as if you are looking for an honest opportunity with a company with integrity to partner with. I found it 20 years ago. You and I have a few things in common….I too have a nursing background and have been involved with several real estate endeavors, and began my home business because I wanted to have freedom in my life to make a bigger difference in the lives of others.I have plugged into Dani’s trainings and find that to be wildly successful in anything we have to invest in ourselves. Contact me if you want to explore some ideas!

    3. Hi Kathy,
      I hear your concerns and don’t know if it is appropriate to educate you on what I’ve found in this forum. Please reply to me if you feel inclined to. I am a National Marketing Director in the field of nutrition, prevention and healing -and work with many health professionals – maybe I can help.
      Hope to hear from you. Alix

    4. Kathy,
      I would like to help you with your search for a home based business. The fact that you are learning from Dani Johnson impresses me, as she has made a big impact on my life and my home based business. I finally found a great product with a company with high integrity that I can share on a part time basis. I don’t know if it is right for you but it is an option. If not I would encourage to find a product and company that you feel good about. You have to believe in the product and or company you work with. A home based business is very rewarding but can take awhile to build the foundation You have to find what you like, do the work every day, team up with people you like and stay in. I hope you find what you are looking for.
      Blessings, Rhonda

    5. Why is everyone pitching their business on here? I thought that was against the rules. Do you people even listen to Dani’s calls? You sound like a bunch of slimy car salesmen.

    6. If I were you, I would find a home based business that would also benefit your real estate business – that way you are leveraging your time and not building two separate businesses. You could incorporate your homebased business INTO your real estate business.


    7. If I were you, I would find a home based business that would also benefit your real estate business – that way you are leveraging your time and not building two separate businesses. You could incorporate your homebased business INTO your real estate business.


    8. Hey Kathy, I couldn’t help but notice your comment. Have you found something yet that you’re making a good income from yet?

  24. Hi Dani I just want to understand why with all the affilate I am not able to find one that is repetable. I found two and then the paypal account is automated and I can’t get an understanding with a teller that dosen’t take direct questions and the phone number they give for customer service is automitated also then I leave a e-mail and they say to go on line to support or reset my account information then i get a e-mail that suspicious activity was monitored and then the whole thing starts all over again. How do you deal with paypal and do you have a direct phone mumber i can contact them? Thanks in advance for your help Alemenia

  25. WOW! thanx soooo much foe the inspiring profile, Hans. Your meek and unassuming spirit would never make me think you were THAT independent and self-made at the time you met Dani !!! WOW !! How it blesses me! Luv, Joan

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