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Finding A Good Network Marketing Company

Dani Johnson gives her candid insights into finding a good company/opportunity! Topics include: One of Dani’s top secrets and what you should be focusing on when building your business Dani’s insights regarding recommending specific companies The wrong way to approach someone about your opportunity Dani’s very candid advise on finding a good company 6 key …

Learn What The 3 Primary Markets Are And MORE!

Topics include: Learn what was most likely the first approach Bill Gates used when starting Microsoft Learn what the 3 primary markets are and how to capitalize on the most lucrative one How to maximize your contact list and leverage your local resources to build and expand your business How to approach people and what …

How To Build Your Business With Your Warm Market

Subjects: How to effectively build your business with your warm market Why to build your business with your warm market? The 3 different types of markets Dealing with different types of responses How to trigger your memory for good prospects Specific examples and approaches you can use and what to say that gets results Live …

Discover the Secrets of the 90 Day Cycle

On this broadcast, Dani exposes what the 4 phases of your business are. Including what part of the 90-day cycle makes you the most money and how to avoid the pitfalls of management mode. Listen to discover the biggest secret to building big and fast today! Topics Include: How to build long lasting loyalty in …

Success for Your New People

Subjects: How to start new people so they have the greatest chance of success: 4 valuable things they bring you (hint: it’s not their $) Examples – what to say, questions to ask, getting started checklist How to immunize them against negative influences