Success Tips & Testimonials From First Steps To Success, Orlando FL, October 2009

In this broadcast, Hans interviews some of our most successful clients sharing their top secrets to success in home business. Listen as they demonstrate how they’ve applied Dani’s training and principles to break through their biggest fears, problems and challenges to create profits!

Topics Include:

  • Rob opened up a landscaping company that has generated $90,000 in 6 months, with no prior business training or experience, just with what he learned from a Dani Johnson event.
  • Find the secret that Denise used to bring her closing ratio from 30% to 80%
  • Discover how Susan quadrupled her income in only 3 days!
  • Damaysi was $54k in debt and couldn’t get people to show up for her business presentation, but she worked on this one thing, and now has paid off over $40k in debt and now fills houses with prospects AND in the last nine weeks personally enrolled 164 clients!

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  1. What do you meam by website above? I am one that got very discouraged in ower marieg,I decided go & speding time gambling squandring all auwer financial resourcees, do not know what to do, to turn it all around, & live the life i desierd so much, i feel so emty,dany,god bless you richly in your comitment, now i know you are taking this with the right perspctive. i saw you on its a new day, that is were i thought mayby this by gods mercy & grace for me to become what god my heavenly father created me to be,caring for the widows & orphens,with no eduecation,were can i go next? with out resources, by the way, i am signd up with global cash net work,but i know your aproch to sucsess is the right way,wil you give me a good advice? thank you so much.looking forward to read from you. Frank & helena

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