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Pro Content - Initial Contact / Prospecting

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Taking the Mystery Out of Phone Prospecting

Yikes! Does that phone have teeth? Well, that’s what many people think when they work on a home-based business – and are afraid to make the right calls. If you want to turn your business from a hobby into a successful professional occupation that makes you money and changes your life – you need this special video training! In the …

Secrets To Leaving Effective Voicemail Messages

You just purchased some fresh home based business leads and it amazes you how many prospects are not there when you call. People aren’t calling back when you leave a voicemail message and you feel like you’ve wasted your time and money. Let me show you a foolproof voicemail message that makes prospects want to call you back right away.

Foolproof Prospecting Formula

Topics include: Simple formula Dani learned from a billionaire and used to make her first million that will show you… how to get prospects to try your products… how to keep them using your product (or service)… how to get them to join your business… attend training and go to work! This formula is also something your newest associate can …

Attracting The Few Who Will Give It All They’ve Got

On this broadcast, Dani shares how to find the few people who will give all they’ve got to succeed and work with everything they have. Topics Include: What 2 questions do you need at ask yourself to be sure you are on the right path for success When being comfortable is a bad thing How to conquer your fear of …

2 Hour Special – Live Role Playing and Q&A

On this training audio, Dani spends over 2 full hours answering questions and live role playing with business builders just like you. Listen to this call today to get the answers you need to build a successful business! Topics Include: How to tell where you need help in your business and where to get it How to avoid a slow …