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Tips To Help Your Business Run Smoothly

Topics include: How to kick start your month How to manage your time building your business and not make the most common mistakes How to make sure you keep your momentum going so you build on previous months success How to totally duplicate your new associates so they become independent fast and get their first …

Getting Out Of A Rut

Subjects: On this call, Dani gives you specific strategies on how to create momentum in your business by promote events. There is a ton of useful info in this call, listen now! Topics Include: Strategies, tips and techniques to running your business as a multimillion dollar business. How to get yourself out of a broke …

How To Create Sales Volume And Leadership

This call answers the question: “How to create sales volume and leadership out of thin air, even when you’ve been working all month long and haven’t signed anyone up yet?” Are you as passionate about your success as I am committed to teaching you? Whatever it is that is hindering you – break through – …

Discover the Secrets of the 90 Day Cycle

On this broadcast, Dani exposes what the 4 phases of your business are. Including what part of the 90-day cycle makes you the most money and how to avoid the pitfalls of management mode. Listen to discover the biggest secret to building big and fast today! Topics Include: How to build long lasting loyalty in …

How To Build A Distributorship/Home Business

Subjects: How to build a distributorship/home business Job description How to build a successful business Most duplicatable simple and effective system you can use to get new customers and reps What your focus should be when you start new customers/reps How to build for an event Success testimonial And more!

Success for Your New People

Subjects: How to start new people so they have the greatest chance of success: 4 valuable things they bring you (hint: it’s not their $) Examples – what to say, questions to ask, getting started checklist How to immunize them against negative influences