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The Essentials Of Faith

Subjects: Faith 2 types of people-one is faithful and one is faithless. Why faith is essential to success in your network marketing business success. What faith does, what is sounds like, and what it looks like. And MORE!

Closing And Handling Objections Part 2

Closing and Handling Objections – PART 2, includes topics like: How to answer common questions people ask you. Dani answers more of your questions and objections that people often get stumped with. Live Q & A. And MORE!

Closing And Handling Objections Part 1

Closing and handling objections – PART 1, includes topics like: Proper foundation for dealing with people’s excuses Your belief system, how to increase your belief and conviction so you attract less excuses from your prospects Questions to ask them How to develop your attitude so people follow you What you are looking for in people …

Discover the Secrets of the 90 Day Cycle

On this broadcast, Dani exposes what the 4 phases of your business are. Including what part of the 90-day cycle makes you the most money and how to avoid the pitfalls of management mode. Listen to discover the biggest secret to building big and fast today! Topics Include: How to build long lasting loyalty in …

What Does Your Prospect Care The Most About

Stories! Topics include: Seminar update. How to tell your story. What your prospect cares about most. How to build your business when you don’t have results yet. Outline to telling your story that gets 10x the results. How to create urgency, how to keep your people motivated when they get discouraged and want to quit. …